[ENDED] Steam Autumn Sale 2021 (November 24th - December 1st)

It took this sale for me to realize that Ruined King is already out. lol I thought it was supposed to drop December 20th. xD


Perfect time to pick up Valheim or Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey! Two really good games! :slight_smile:


I gave them a play today.

The first one is still good but the port’s not great, it’s missing some of the plot somehow, which makes some of the scenes even more obscure than they should be. Maybe they missed a cutscene somewhere? I definitely recall some useful information from playing the original release that wasn’t in this version. And the art upscaling’s weird in places. Was a good time overall though :>

The second one isn’t great, and I wonder if it’s even the complete game, because it felt shorter and less cohesive than the first. The first game has its share of moon logic, but the sequel is way worse for that. Did not enjoy it.


And it’s over. I managed to got some more games yesterday and today. That was a great haul for me! :+1:


Ya I got one last game today too b4 ended


I didn’t realize it ended yesterday… oops. well guess I’m not getting the last level of the fugly badge.