[ENDED] Spread some Hlove! ( Flash Giveaway )



I’ve been playing HoB for past few days and it is just amazing so i’ve decided to share one copy with you guys and spread some Hlove around.

Rules of the giveaway :

  1. Giveway is going to run for 24 hours , hence ‘flash’ .
  2. To participate your account must be at least 2 weeks old and have 8 badges
  3. Since Mister @Gnuffi pointed out to me that HOB was free on Epic some time ago i would really appreciate that people who claimed it there would not this giveaway to give other people who dont own it on any platform better chance.
  4. To enter clearly express your intent to in reply.

That’s about it. Countdown starts NOW. Ends at 10:00 AM, October 15, 2020 (GMT+3).

Tagging few of the chrono friends who have this game in their wishlist @AcornAvenger @Evranu @KittiBear @dogetail


In this reply I am clearly expressing my intent to participate in this competition! And I swear that I don’t have this game on Steam



or others platforms.




Not entering, just thought it’s a H-game from the title xD


Not in, but thank you for your generosity.


Thank you, @DontBeSilly.

Some more heads up… @carvalho20ptc, @MattnessLP , @yitzilitt, @xist, @joxter, @Tencore, @orbus, @onLooSe, @Inferry, @techparadox, @oyephantomlink

Hope I got everyone. Some people need to quit changing nicks…It can get confusing…


Count me in!

lol me too. Still not sure if typo, or if that H is for Hob :laughing:


H Is for HoB :wink:


Hi there, thanks for the heads up.

Of couse I’d like to join if it’s not too late. I also don’t have this game on Steam and since it’s from the same developers of Torchlight, I’d be great to have it in my library.

Thanks for the giveaway! :+1:


Not participating. I have it on the Epic Store but who knows when I’ll install epic on my computer.

Still, good luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway!


I am clearly expressing my intent to enter. If athletics are involved, I can’t run or jump. Or catch or throw. But I am great at naps and can sniff out truffles.


I’m adding extra 8 hours to the giveaway because a) I would like for more people to have a chance to catch this and b) it is going to be a busy day at work and i might not have a chance to do all the post-giveaway things so i’ll tackle that once i’m back at home.

So giveaway is going to end not on 10:00 AM, October 15 but on 18:00 PM, October 15 .


Thanks for the tag, for extending, and especially for the giveaway @DontBeSilly! :sunflower:

I’d love to enter! So this is my clear intent. I remember adding it because the makers of Torchlight made it :smile:


Thanks for giveaway! Clearly expressing my intent to join!


Entries are closed now. Gonna do some boobity boop math.


Winner was decided by www.random.org

I’m not going to reveal who the winner was unless he or she wants to step forward and reveal themselves :slight_smile:

That’s it for now , have a nice evening everyone.


Congrats to the mystery winner! Also “boobity boop math” is the most delightful thing I’ve read all day.


Wanted to find another kind of bird image, but this was better.

SFW pair of boobies. :joy: