[ENDED] Kingdom: Classic free on Steam for 24 hours

It’s yours forever if you grab it now

No idea why the steam link isn’t working… right now^



same thing as always?

Apparently not, never mind then

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I think this time is because of the change of the page to make it for free at the time being… Most of the links work for me when I post indiegala giveways and stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s steam fault like always :stuck_out_tongue:

Something weird seems to be going on. When I clicked the link and tried activating it through the Steam Store in the browser I got an error message. Viewing the Store page in the Steam client to activate it worked fine though.

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Kingdoms is great! Although I must say I like Kingdom: New Lands even better.

Another awesome giveaway! :butterfly:

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I played this game so much when it first came out! It was such a difficult and challenging game with such simple gameplay! :slight_smile: Eventually I got better and managed to get quite far. I recommend anyone who has not tried it to give it a shot while it is free!

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It stays forever free in the steam account when someone grabs it now. It’s about 1 hour left though.

Aaaaaw I missed it, Sad times!