[Ended] [Free] Watch_Dogs (ends on November 14, 2017 9:00 AM UTC)


You can get it here:

You keep the game forever, even so it is called “Free Weekend” (Source)

Ends on: November 14, 2017 9:00 AM UTC


Was just about to come and post this myself…

Although I anticipate complaints nevertheless!

Now, just waiting for free watch dogs 2 :smiley:

It would be nice if they’d let me login to my account in the first place. Not even resetting the password works…


It works!

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I already own it and have finished the game. It was quite fun, but ran like :poop: at launch. Ironically I got it for free with my GTX 770 to show of its power :sweat_smile:. The story was not really good and it got repetitive at the end (especially the side missions/collectibles). Typical Ubisoft game. I would have bought it anyway at some point, because the hacking feature locked interesting to me. Overall a good game :+1:

Note for VirtualBox users

You maybe have to disable the VirtualBox Network Adapter to be able to play online. I do not know if they fixed it by now, but I also had the same problem with Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

(note to self: don’t complaint about free stuff, don’t complaint about free stuff) :triumph:

“wow, both Uplay and watchdogs in the same goodie bag, -let me just gather my excitement”

thx for the notice tho @User123698745 :+1:


thanks for posting this! I have the Uplay app and NEVER check it xD I have it for zombi :3

yay I had enough coins lying around to buy all the cool fake DLC for getting free coins buisiness, I like that side of ubisoft, reminds me of a certain one-game-a-day sale website >.>

The rewards that you can get for Uplay Units are mostly useless cosmetics or wallpapers. :roll_eyes:

Do you know you can trade in 100 Uplay Units for a 20% Discount on games in the Uplay Store?

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20% discount on a Ubisoft game, -or a wallpaper… :thinking:

…think i’ll take the wallpaper; probably less buggy, -and wont need “constant online connection” :joy:
(or do they!?, dun dun duuun; “drm wallpaper” lol, would be hilarious) :rofl:


Meh, the wallpapers are usually free or at least I have never once had to “pay” for them, they always have free instead of a coin amount, as for the discount…good to know. Though I prefer to purchase on steam, cheaper is always better and it will always have to go through uplay anyway so it doesn’t really matter I guess.

no I didn’t :open_mouth: your site is german, but I don’t have enough coins anyway, I’ll remember that. you get a 20% discount in watchdogs too and I thought you meant that ha ha.

dammit :see_no_evil:. the link should work now

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yep that works xD

one day left. don’t forget to grab it while it’s free :smile: