Email newsletter skipped a day, streak broken

I’ve been using and checking in daily to get the chrono coins for quite some time now, and using the daily emails as a daily reminder, I managed to build up a streak of 219 days.
But this morning I noticed my streak was broken, and that I’d missed yesterday’s deal somehow.

So I had a look, and turns out, I didn’t receive an email from at all yesterday, to tell me about the current deal and remind me to check in for the daily chrono coins.

(Note that the dates are by Australian time, as of posting, today is Wed and Mon was 2 days ago.)

Honestly, as much as I’d like to keep my streak going, I understand I did miss a day, and I can live with that.
I’m a lot more upset that the email notifications completely missed a day, and that my streak broke because of that, instead of me completely forgetting or something.
I even asked a friend of mine, and he didn’t get an email for yesterday either, and his streak broke too.

So yeah, largely just reporting that the emails completely missed a day, but it would be nice if I could get my streak fixed too.

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Am friend, can confirm, missed the email, broke the streak.


Ultimately it’s not the email’s job to remind you to turn up for your daily coin click. They’re two separate entities and whilst It’s nice to have something like a daily alarm it’s not something you should rely on. There’s never been any guarantee of daily emails and as a result it’s always better to have a coin shop routine rather than to rely on external prompts.

I checked and also didn’t seem to receive an email for the Space Pilgrim set but still managed to follow the daily routine.


I understand that, which is why I said i’m not too bummed out about the streak breaking, but the emails have been consistent enough for over 200 days, and I really can’t imagine it’d be difficult at all to whip up and send out the emails (especially considering it’s just a copy and paste of the description of the game on the actual page).
Different people have different routines and sometimes need more proper notifications or reminders, just because you can remember to visit the site daily unprompted doesn’t mean that will work for everyone.

This also brings up another problem, if the emails are inconsistent, then they fail to serve their purpose at all.
They’re supposed to let you know what the current new deal is to inform people about it, and they can decide whether or not that want to get it.
But if you don’t receive the email, then people can completely miss out on a deal that they might have wanted, but had no idea existed.

Regardless of whether or not you use the emails as a reminder for the coins or to keep up with new deals, there really is no reason why they can’t be consistent, and your reasoning of “Well you shouldn’t be using the emails anyway” doesn’t excuse it.

maybe a good reason why we also have this
even steam bot notification and a potential steam group reminder,
also Chrono got a twitter account that pops up with daily deal change
even a discord server where i’m sure someone will make note of daily deal change…

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I appreciate that there’s no tone conveyed here and I too would be a little annoyed in your position but…
It was New Years Day. I’m prepared to give the Chrono team some breathing room on certain days. Did we get them on Christmas day?? Can’t check as I tend to delete messages from my inbox.

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I know that also exists, but that still doesn’t excuse the emails being inconsistent.
Why should we have to use some external complicated method to replace a method that the Chrono team themselves have provided for us to use?
You’re admitting that the email system has problems, but ignoring that it needs fixing.

Yes, there was an email on Christmas day, because the emails are what keep my streak alive.
The fact that it was still going over Christmas means I got one.

Also, what I mean by “the emails should be very easy to make” is that they could automated very easily as well.
Set it up so that they grab the image and description of the new deal, and send themselves.
Something this simple shouldn’t need someone doing it manually.

perhaps not

because chrono have no obligation to remind you to get your coins, and emails are purely an advert reminder, which they can “forget” at their own discretion, or just glitch as with any system…

i don’t believe i did either, just merely offered/reminded of other ways to get notified of deal and/or use as a “coin reminder” -i myself don’t use the newsletter so see no issue either way personally, (i use my phone task schedule thingy, since that clutters less)

because in the end it’s not chrono’s job to remind us of coins. And as with anything mildly “important” to us, we should probably rely on more than just a single thing to remember it

(i do get it could be annoying tho when used to emails being “timely”, i just don’t see it as more than a tiny bump on the road one had all the opportunity to avoid too. But you do have my sympathies for losing a streak still)

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You seem oddly fixated on making this purely about the coins.

Yes, if an email is missed for whatever reason, people who rely on them to get coins miss out, but there are also people who use them to find out what the latest deal is (The emails intended purpose) who miss out as well.
If an email newsletter that’s supposed to inform people of something new (regardless of what that is) isn’t consistent, then it’s a broken and flawed newsletter system.
Have you ever signed up to a newsletter system thinking “Oh cool, now they’ll sometimes email me some news, and sometimes they won’t!”?
No, because that isn’t what a newsletter is for.

The only thing that explains what happened is an error or a ‘glitch’ as you say, but that is still a mistake and still a problem.
You can’t just excuse that problem by saying “You shouldn’t use this newsletter for it’s intended purpose because it’s not reliable” (when, once again, the whole point of a newsletter is to be reliable).
If the email newsletter can’t be reliable, then why even have the system there in the first place?

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i didn’t,
you made this about coins by tying it to streak etc, which is the very title of your post
and on that subject i merely reminded that it’s our own responsibility to “remember” or gather them in any which form -and relying purely on a email or 1 method is purely on you

on the subject of missing a deal, i agree, it’s a shame for people to miss out on a good deal they might have wanted to partake in, and even more for chrono a potential lost sale
but, with only a “single point of failure”, despite how annoying or sad, it’s still on “us”, -“we” allowed ourselves to rely on a single point system

i have no doubt chrono might apologies, and ofc try to fix whatever caused the glitch, human error or not, -since they tend to do that kind of customer care work for us it seems

but you were trying to pass off something that wasn’t Chronos fault or responsibility, coins-streak, and trying to make it into something slightly more valid, advertisement/sale, doesn’t change it either way you also have to swallow your own part in this

i get that it’s annoying, but you try to make it to more than it is, not me…
use the tools i linked or don’t, doesn’t matter to me
chrono will fix probably fix what they can/feel they should, i doubt they did it just for fun, errors happen, humans or robots, and we need to be able to tolerate some minor form acceptance to that one way or another…

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I’ll admit, I got a bit distracted and heated in my replies, but if you re-read the original post, I was never that bothered by my streak being broken.
The point of the post was to point out that the emails did miss a day, and ask why that happened, not about the streak or the coins.
I even stated that ultimately I accept that I was the one who missed collecting the coins too, I wasn’t trying to push my mistake onto someone else.

I wasn’t trying to blame anyone or get upset at the Chrono staff either, I understand that errors do happen (which is why I came looking for an answer), I just got a little bothered by how quickly you and xist were to dismiss the use of the emails for reminders.

Sorry if I was getting a bit too aggressive with my responses as well, I didn’t mean for this to turn into an argument.
I’m probably going to leave it here until a moderator steps in to offer an explanation though


i’m not (and i don’t think xist either) just dismissing the use of emails of reminders, -but recognize it’s too “risky” to “just” rely on it, 1 alone (SPOF and all that),
hence why casually just reminded and suggested of more/other ways to remember,
(so that it doesn’t become and issue/happens again if/when that 1 system “fails”)

this is in fact exactly why i don’t use(much less “rely”) on newsletters/emails for any important reminders, i don’t trust a “1 system” to work flawless enough :wink:

ofc it doesn’t change the fact it’s annoying and unfortunate when a system fails its intended purpose. But we should be sorta prepared for it, since pretty much nothing ever just works flawlessly, :smile: much less when we “need” it to it seems at times

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I guess you’re right.
I felt like the newsletter system would be enough, considering it worked well for over 200 days without a miss, but all it really takes is a single miss for it to become a problem.
I might as well try out the steam bot one, just to try and avoid this from happening again.


for my “gaming” stuff i like to keep a daily task reminder in my calendar/phone as backup
so much gaming stuff around i could eventually just combine it all into 1
“check steam/cards, Chrono, humble, gog, ITAD, etc”
because can basically just synchronize it so fits with/after all sites reset; chrono +fanatical at 18.00, steam + gog at 19.00, humble at 20.00, etc etc. that way if my final schedules notification comes in at 8pm CET i get reminded of any place i potentially missed by their/other means

but i do hope chrono ofc plugs the email leak so it becomes more more flawless again
i just still wont confine myself to a “SPOF”-system then, and keep using my other reminders :wink:

hope chrono gets back to you with something helpful/reassuring, -best to you :hugs:


Unfortunate, but a dependency will always be a liability. When I first launched my Chrono Steam bot, it was going down every two days due to unprecedented issues.

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Sorry I’m not Chrono but since I just stopped posting as I went to bed I just wanted to add closure to my feelings. Gnuffi has deftly managed to defuse this situation which probably should have centred on an email issue, but instead started focussing upon coin reminders. It’s really unfortunate when something like this happens, especially as we can all understand where you’re coming from (and I’d be most annoyed too). And personally I think that you’re right about the point you raised too…if you’d have really wanted the Space Pilgrim set but missed finding out about it because of no infomail on that day then that could be an issue. But it’s conflating the newsletter’s purpose by associating it with coins, so whilst it serves as a reminder it’s not something that I’d rely on myself…and the number of emails I ignore in my inbox is testament to that!

I’m even more lo-fi than Gnuffi…post-it note on my monitor does it for me most of the time. But really I only do Chrono and Gamefaqs (yes I’m tragic) on a daily basis so mini-OCD has me covered! I hope that you get some satisfaction from any answer you receive though.

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Thanks to everyone for keeping this civil. :wink:

The missed email was totally my bad. I had it finished and queued up and just never hit send. Whoops. If your streak was broken because of this go ahead and send us an email at and we’ll get it fixed. :slight_smile:


This is why I hang out here. :star_struck:


Wish I had the same offer for every streak I had lost as well, alas the time for tears is long gone.

I always use the internet, as such I have Chrono set to be the first thing that loads when I open my browser.


That’s a shame, but we all make small mistakes like that.
Thanks for coming in to clarify what happened, and big thanks for offering to help with any broken streaks that happened because of it!
I’ve sent off an email off to the address you posted.