Easy, medium or hard

I want to see opinions

do you prefer play games in hard dificult or standard difficult?



For me, usually never easy, and sometimes hard, but most of the time Normal/Standard


Depends on the game and how much I know about it’s systems and what the difficulty options actually means. Most of the time I will play a game on “normal” or whatever setting the devs indicate that the game is meant to be played at. Unless the “difficulty” merely means enemies have more health to chew through and the extra challenge is actually of an interesting sort I will pick the harder options.


Action games, platformers and games based on hand-eye coordination/reaction time i usually play on normal or easy. I find that most games seem to increase difficulty by ways i don’t find interesting (eg. bullet spongy enemies).

But if the difficulty is set around puzzles or logic solving i usually turn up the difficulty.

Using Doom 2016 as an example, i played that on the standard difficulty, i’m not that quick with the mouse anymore, but my main problem is that i can’t switch weapons as fast as the devs want me to on the higher settings.
But my main problem with Doom 2016 was that it was too long for me to keep it interesting and increasing the difficulty would likely have made me not finish it. (I actually got bored a little past the halfway mark and stopped playing it for a few months.)

It can easily take me 3-4 months to finish a big budget game, which is why i usually play them on lower difficulties or more likely play a indie game.

I also am not that fond of backtracking or repeating stuff, this have made me loose interest i jrpgs and not bothering to try the souls games. (I do like roguelikes tho.)


Depends o the game but generally on normal and if I really like the game once I beat it on normal its hard time.


Some games are naturally made easier nowadays to accommodate more audience, in the past, games were much harder because how it worked, I’m talking about arcades, because that’s how they got their money. It’s funny to me because we see “gaming journalists”, which usually have little experience with games and come up with the headlines like “the dark souls of” when a game is slightly more challenging than the average.

And because of this, I tend to play on medium to hard. I like the challenge. And sometimes it’s needed to be on the hardest difficulty to get the true experience of a game. It’s perfectly fine if someone likes to play on easy, it’s a more relaxing experience that you can enjoy and move on. Playing on harder difficulty usually requires more time.

But I have the tendency of exploration, losing everything is usually not my kind of thing, so I avoid permadeth / hardcore modes. I’ve tried a couple times in ARPGs, and it’s fine in roguelikes since it’s the nature of the game.

Oh, and if I truly like a game, I can go for even stupider challenges like pacifist or no-damage taken on boss fights. Hello metroidvanias :rofl:


^This. I used to play on harder difficulty settings until I realized most games literally only increase enemy HP and defense (and sometimes lower the player’s HP, which isn’t as bad but is still lazy). Another bad example I’ve come across is Wings of Vi, where the higher difficulty means less checkpoints, meaning you’d have to redo what you’ve already done just to have another chance at a later segment. That isn’t harder; it’s just more tedious, especially since the game isn’t afraid to have cheap hits.

But to answer OP’s question: I just go with normal mode now.


Most of the time I play on normal, in some games I’ll do another playthrough on a harder difficulty.


Yep, that’s definitely the lazy “hard”. I like when the enemies get new attacks and patterns, or when the path is made more difficult by having less or smaller platforms. The lazy hard still works if the game is challenging.

I remember the time when I played Grand Chase in the very early days, that game had some tough areas that required some precise jumping and dodging, with bosses who could dish out deadly attacks that if not avoided in time were pretty much your doom. It was satisfying to overcome these challenges and help others through missions (in case you never heard of it, it was a 2.5D MMORPG side-scroller). Sure, having top gear helped, but by no means it would make you better at platforming stages and boss deadly attacks could still one shot you, everyone would run when “Gadosen” started chanting his ultimate move. :rofl: But guess what, as the time passed, the game changed and became extremely easy. It was a disappointment, but I still played it to the last days because friends and good memories.

Wasn’t too long ago I was thinking of creating a topic like this one, but to ask which childhood game was the hardest to you. To me it was the original Rayman, that game was so chill and brutal at the same time, some areas were merciless. I’ve never been able to finish that game as a kid.


I usually play on the standard difficult unless it’s locked, and sometimes I play on easier difficulties. I usually play games for fun, not to be a pro or something like this.


I do like easy sometimes just to enjoy the story but medium if it’s too easy especialy on kids game. Tho I might choose hard if I’m feeling confident but nah usually rather play like chill lol


Really depends on the game. It can be any of them.

And that is if…there is a difficulty option. That’s still not universal, and that is okay by me.


I generally play on Normal Difficulty. I’m not really interested in playing games at super tough difficulties that can make you rage or difficulties where they make the AI cheat. Occasionally I’ll modify the difficulties on games that either have a gameplay mechanic I wish to bypass, the game cheats, I’m just looking for a relaxing experience, or I ran into a fight that for some reason is impassible at that difficulty.

If you’re wondering those game examples are: Rise of Industry, Call to Power II, combo of Rise of Industry & Call to Power II, and Final Fantasy XIII.


If it’s a strategy where you build, rule and have wars, there’s a big chance I’ll be playing on Easy to get a grip of controls and player expectations. Sometimes, when the system looks like something I’ve already seen in other games, I will switch to Normal immediately. But if it goes forcing a flashing tutorial with lots of arrows and moments where options are locked deliberately so that I would force-pick the one tutorial wants me to, I’ll be going back on Easy immediately because these tutorials always make me disoriented, in any type of game, and I need extra time + space to get the flashing mess out of my head and guess\find how to do anything in the game.

So, for a strategy game, Easy is a way to check out the control panel and see if I’m hooked enough in a process to give it a go. Other than that, I can’t remember picking Easy mode in games in last years, because “Normal” already equals “Beatable without a sweat” for the most games. And the games that do embrace their difficulties will likely have your rewards or content cut for playing on Easy, like Cuphead does.

As to Normal or Hard, it heavily depends of the game.

For platformers and rougelikes, if there are levers of difficulty, it’s always Hard or Insane (or smth like that) from the start, because the feelings I have dying in the beginning and getting better eventually remind me of playing games as a kid and makes everything more exciting.

If it’s a rhythm game, there’s ZERO point to start out from something but Normal in most games, because even if it’s just another Hatsune Miku game, and you played most of the previous ones, your brain and muscular memory still need to adjust to changes in gameplay and mapping. In those games, I mostly unlock all the songs, then unlock all the Experts by playing all Hards, then go for Perfects on Hards and Experts.

If it’s something else, it depends heavily on what the game offers for its difficulty levels. Permadeath? I’m out. Permanently dying party members à la Suikoden? I am just going to reload if anyone dies, so if there’s an option to make this not an issue, I most certainly will. If extra difficulty = more grind, especially in JRPGs, then it’s Normal except if Hard also means more content. Generally, if I know that hard = more content, I tend to pick Hard regardless of other conditions, with the exception of Permadeath which is always a “no” except if it’s core to the gameplay.


I play on easy if I just want to get the game story and make the grind easier.
(This is my norm.)

I play on medium if I have a good grasp of the gameplay from other games and I like it.
(Sometimes happens)

I play on hard if I really enjoy the gameplay and there is some bonus content to playing on hard.
(Rarely happens)


I play on medium, or normal, by default or at least the difficulty that the game recommends trying out depending on my needs. However, some games like Mass Effect 2 is where I tried to do it on a higher setting and others like Yakuza 0 I start hard mode after playing with it for some time and thinking I would like to have a challenge (the finale In 0 is where I switched back to medium because they were kicking me to the curb). Otherwise, I usually don’t choose to play hard sometimes because I don’t feel like learning combos all that much or am bad at stealth sections (anyone watching me play the Batman Arkham series is going to freak out at the many missed opportunities) and I just feel like playing other games or doing something else with my time.


I usually play the medium difficulty but once I finish if I liked the game I might try the others. Having the time to play is always my problem.


Hard because i hate myself …

Thou seriously still mostly hard :slight_smile: if it’s a game i think i will enjoy a lot i just go for hard to get more out of it honestly. Well implemented ‘hard’ difficulty will force you to learn all in-game mechanics and use them to your best knowledge while a lot of times ‘medium’ difficulty is more akin to ‘easy’ so people wouldnt be turned away from the game because it’s too hard.


Depends on the game. I usually go for the standard (normal difficulty) experience since the game was developed around that. Most hard modes I feel are done poorly and artificially increase the difficulty in an unfair/unbalanced way. But if hard is done right I don’t mind playing on hard at all, I enjoy a challenge as long as it’s fair.

Some games are too easy and you need to default to hard for what I consider a normal difficulty experience though (I’m looking at you Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift :unamused:)