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EA is my favorite video game company.



No…no it’s not . It seems that after butchering their Firemonkeys studio in Australia they are in for more , laying off 350 people this time.

I wouldnt be surprised that;s because of how poorly Anthem is doing and well… how can it do good? It’s trash .

So if you know anyone who bought Anthem or maybe if you bought it yourself.,give yourself a good smack , huh ?


Sarcasm really doesn’t show up very well when written into the thread title like that.

I will keep on supporting the slowly decaying monopoly in Steam.



Apex Legends is awesome? :stuck_out_tongue:


hint, you can add emoji to OP titles, to help get “poins” across instead of accidental bait :wink:


can’t remember when i got my last EA game, my approach seem like hasn’t failed me in a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


maybe EA specifically had no hands in that ?


somebody add /s to the title pls


Phew, I can keep on playing guilt free.


I’m pretty sure they had almost 0 stuff to do with it. Though i havent played the game so i cannot know how horrible/not horrible microtransactions are in that game.


Your suggestions about sarcasm then?


Some people use the reverse question (irony) mark or the exclamation mark in brackets before or after the sarcastic/ironic comment:

⸮ EA is my favorite video game company


EA is my favorite video game comapany (!)


I’ve never seen (!) to denote sarcasm before and I for one would not have read it as such. I have seen /s though and your upside down ? doesn’t even show up here.

Mine does though ¿ ?


I usually make it an over the top/absurd statement.


I’d say the topic qualifies then.
I do tend to wards that myself, but I almost always find someone comes along and takes you seriously no matter how outrageously absurd you make it.


Yup. As someone who I don’t remember the name of who’s art was destroyed once said: “you can make something idiot-proof and the universe will invent a better idiot.”


Not horrible.


I would consider “EA is my favorite” to be over the top/absurd.


I suggest the title becomes:

I told the Chrono community EA was my favorite studio and you won’t believe what they said.

Clicks from all over the web.



Pretty much nothing :smiley: 3/4 of replies were about my poor implementation of sarcasm in thread.


I think quotation marks are what used
"EA is my favourite video game company"

I thought that statement on the thread was kind of strange tho lool
I used to like EA back in PS2 days.