/e/ is Android without any Google connections (work in progress)

Who else is looking forward to this? It’s crazy creepy that Google is everywhere nowadays imo, all that private data on our phones and yet it’s not very private at all…am not part of the project but the article mentions how one can support them, if anybody happens to be a dev, have spare money or spare resources (servers) and is willing to help :slight_smile:


Still waiting for Ubuntu…


I follow really whatever I can get on mobile that is privacy oriented :sweat_smile:


Wonderful! Thank you. :blush:

Also check out this list:



The only Google things I still (have to) use are:

  • Gmail (well…have to cause it’s required for a Google account…not using that for anything private [anymore :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:]). Also I swear there are no usable Email clients for Android. Yeah, there are plenty, but most are ad riddled, insecure or shady. K9 is still using a super old Android SDK and it’s not very user friendly either ._.
  • Playstore cause I need apps and updated apps :confused:
  • google play services cause so much is reliant on these -.-
  • Youtube but idc, I’m not using the app just the website

Pls hmu if you know of a good and safe mail client for android.

Oh that’s neat! I know very well how creepy Google is and it hurts to think about… but I still use gmail, chrome and all that so I don’t know how much that would help me.


Well, you could start using FF instead of Chrome, really no trade-offs there at all. Just get u-block origin and Decentraleyes and you’re good to go. What I find the most difficult to replace is Google Maps, that app/software is just too good.