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Dying Light 75% Off Coupon (Not Available Anymore)



Apparently Dead by Daylight owners get a free coupon for Dying Light, reducing the price by 75%. But I don’t like Dying Light that much. So anybody that wants Dying Light can get it 75% off. I will give it to the first one to ask me. (My Steam ID is in my profile.) Also the coupon expires in 06.08.2019. So don’t be late. :stuck_out_tongue:


The code expired almost 2 months ago?


No, in Turkey the day comes first, month comes second. So it’s probably 08.06.2019 for you.


Thank God for that!


So do you want it?


Lol also got a coupon but its for dead by daylight 60% off,anybody wants it?


Sure! I’d love to have it. Dying light, I mean.


Alright, add me on Steam. (I will de-friend you after cause I have the habit of only adding irl friends lol.)