Finally saved up enough coinage to get Dustforce, and I’m really impressed! What does the community think?

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Really fast action. Fast flowing movement. Weird theme.

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I’m a total scrub at this game. Once I finish some more of my backlog I’m definitely going to go back and give it a more prolonged visit.


The game has a nice quirky art-style, so that’s cool.

I feel pretty scrubbish myself, and I consider myself pretty dadgum good at platformers. this one just happens to kick my butt.

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I swear you two are making puns when you say you’re “scrubs” in a janitorial action game.

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That would’ve been a good one if we had.

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I have had this game for a while. Its friggin hard if you are looking to post a decent time. I feel that it is a precision platformer that you need to need to be motivated to try and perfect the levels to get alot out of it, but dont let that put you off of getting it as it is very addictive

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I love the look of this game. Played it a bit a few years ago and I was also trying to save enough for it. How’d you get 2000 coins so fast? :smiley:

Game controls really clunky until it clicks, at which point it becomes smooth. Basically, really hard platformer that you’ll need to spend the first few hours fighting the controls. Up to your personal tastes whether that would be frustrating, or worth it for the click moment

I got good luck on coin counts and didn’t buy anything else. I think I might’ve been the first person to get it actually, which is kinda neat.

Nice! Hope I get lucky too before the keys are out.