Dungeon Marathon not appearing after buying Retro Army Complete Collection

Purchased today’s deal, the Retro Army Complete Collection. Used the code to activate it on steam. Four of the five games appear normally in my Steam library, but Dungeon Marathon is nowhere to be found. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there something else that I need to do?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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happening to a couple of other guys, they posted in the daily deal thread

you tried exiting and restarting steam?
if you go to the store page for the bundle does it say you own the all the games/dungeon marathon?

Rebooted and restarted Steam. Super Trench Attack does show as owned on the Steam store, but not Dungeon Marathon or the Complete Collection.

should probably send an email to help@chrono.gg then
and hopefully maybe @lonin comes with a response to these posts soon too or Pm’s you

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Thanks, email sent. Linked the two threads in the email.

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np, i really hope support can help you (and the others) get it sorted speedily

to me it would appear as if the dev forgot to update the package keys they gave chrono, since the package is nearly a year old but the game in question is a recent addition for only about a month and a half
that would be my guess, but then again i don’t have any clue to how the package/key and updating works, and doesn’t really help you guys situation either anyway

best wishes in getting it resolved tho

Hi Vantigo,

I’m the dev, it seems to be a steam-side issue, I’m working on it now. Thanks for your patience.

Latest - I’ve just sent Chronos some Dungeon Marathon keys they should be able to get them out to you shortly



We’ll be sending them out today!