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Drone The Game (well... kinda semi free for a limited time)


I saw this on @delenn13 wishlist… and it happens to be kinda free for a limited time… if this violate the terms of giveaway please mods remove my post


Just open it in steam, and scroll down. You ll find the free edition in there


Well… this isn’t technically a giveaway, since it needs to, you know, been given away

Regardless, this game seems to be right up my alley so thank you for the notice, although it needs to be pointed out, I think the one you linked up there is the full game, whilst the one that is free is referred to as the starter edition, so I guess is the demo?


It reminds me of Hawken but flying. I’ll follow it to see how it develops. Thanks.


Thanks. Got it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Probably will turn into a demo…but you never know…:star_struck: