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Dragon's Dungeon: Awakening @ gamehag


Normally I wouldn’t report on gamehag’s giveaways, but this is a rare occasion when gamehag is giving away Steam keys for a game that looks interesting and isn’t complete garbage - Dragon’s Dungeon: Awakening

It is no longer listed on Steam’s storefront, but you can check it out here:

Get your keys here while the supply lasts:


Nice. It actually worked and wasn’t hard to do (for a change). Thanks very much @SeekerSupreme :slight_smile: It looks like a cute little title. One review says the gameplay is a bit unbalanced. From a visual standpoint, it looks pretty good!


Without knowing if I can trust that site I am not willing to login with my steam account there possibly having data stolen.

But thanks for the post still


Wow it already ended…


Yep i only saw it ended after completed the tasks oof


@nicknick logging in with Steam is just a method of facilitating authentication. It’s done via OpenID, Steam acts only as an identity provider to the third party site. The third party site doesn’t get access to anything that isn’t already public (per your steam account’s settings) i.e. accessible to anyone.

You don’t need to trust someone if they cannot hurt you;)


@mert yeah, usually they post around 1-2k keys for something rubbish - which tends to last for at least a day.
This time it was gone in a couple of hours (there was nearly 800 keys left at the time of the OP).


What I was about to say :point_up_2:


@SeekerSupreme Well, that was fast! I went to get one as soon as I saw your post. No lag on the site or anything.


This GA is up again:


For a minute I thought it said Dragon’s Dogma… xD