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Downwell(Android) is Free on Google Play Store




Game on Steam:


Awesome! Thanks!

Edit, I just tried it, it’s a little difficult to move left and right with the touch screen, but it’s not too bad, definitely one to try if you don’t have it already on Steam. If you have on Steam already, play it there, the bigger screen + more responsive controls is a bit better.


Hahha I accidentally bought this game years back on the apple store. It was the best game I ever played on my ipad well other than dust elysian tale I suppose lulz
Now I can get it for android I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Except it is probably not so fun on a smartphone


Thanks for the info.


It has really simple controls, so I’d give it a try.


Even after 4 hours I have yet to reach the last level and beat it. It’s really good but I can’t seem to reach the last part, just like in Nuclear Throne.


I have this on PC already and I’m rubbish at it, but it’s a pretty nice game! I might as well grab it on mobile too, just in case. Thanks for bringing it up!

@Fanzo The difficulty does ramp up quite a bit. Hopefully you’ll find a combination of items you like and the RNG will bless you with them soon!


Thanks for the heads up, i had this on psvita and it kiiled some time when i didnt have any internet