[DONE] Terraria Trade

Hi ya! By any chance anyone hast a copy of this they wiling to trade?
Just trying to do the weekly quest thing for AlienArena.

Only 1 or 2 on my FL has been playing it lately, and it’s not cross-platform either, BUT! seems it keep getting updated. Er… right. Anyone?


Sorry don’t have. :cry:

Whoa, MS is taking people for a ride… It’s only 10.99CA.

I am short on funds this month but I could get it for 8.79CA because of Humble Choice. Just don’t have the spare cash at the minute.



Microsoft is ev3l with Minecraft prices too. That one, I have friends that want to play that with me.

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Pending completion.

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Done! Terraria played and Alienware quest done!

I’m enjoying more than I planned. Still not much of an idea what I’m doing.

In short, I fell into a deep crevasse and couldn’t get out: so I live there now. Mining, researching items, fighting slimes. This is my life Journey mode.

At least I have wings and a birdie friend, XD. Thank you once again Chronies for being awesome. ^^


I’m glad you got the trade, Dana! I’m glad you’re also enjoying Terraria! Have fun! :slight_smile:


Have fun! :sunglasses:


Terraria is so rich in content, you can easily sink hundreds of hours into it!

Smol tip: In case you don’t know yet, you can show to the guide any item labeled as material, he will tell you what items you can craft with it and at what station. It’s an alternative to having to look through a wiki (which is also fine). The game works on a progression system, so if you ever feel lost about what to do, ask away. :smile:



Um… I can hang a rope, how on earth can I climb up it? Ha ha.

Don’t ask how long it took me to place a torch. T_T

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Getting next to it and pressing W or S will latch yourself to it!

Squirrel in the dark :eyes:, also you can press Shift and it will automatically switch to a torch in your inventory, it’s handy once you get used to.


Man that would be handy. If not for the bird, I wouldn’t even know enemies were near sometimes. Thanks. ^^