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(Done) H: Shenmue 1&2 W: Track: The Toy Train Tracks Set Simulator Game from the coin shop


Thanks again for the trade


That game’s been in the shop for quite a while so you can probably manage it if you keep clicking the coin daily. You’re probably only a couple of weeks away :D

If you don’t get any other takers for this trade, I can get it for you.


I would be truly grateful if you would <3 had my eyes on this game for some time now but so far no dice ><


I can get it for ya, would also love to replay Shenmue again. I haven’t played it since the Sega Dreamcast days. :joy:

Just PM if yer game. I got a ton of coins. :sweat_smile:


thank you again for the succesful trade, thread can be closed now.


Congrats on the trade!
If you put the “(done)” at the start of the topic title, people will have an easier time seeing this request is done :>

Also, you should be able to edit your posts, you shouldn’t need to delete them o:


Good point, im a bit forgetful haha ^^"