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Donations towards Video Game Preservation


I would love to see a feature on the site that allows some of the proceeds from a transactions to be donated to a Non-profit Video game Preservation organization. Being a preservationist myself I would be extremely eager to support this type of option!


that’s, not, how, GoG, works… :confounded:


Sorry if I seem ignorant Im no expert I just love DRM-Free games so I can actually own it. So if you’re correct then just my original post would be great! Thank you for the comment.


Sorry for my ignorance. Could you explain what video game preservation is? And why it is important/in danger?


No problem! :smiley: It’s mainly about making sure that games that are at risk of being lost forever are saved and preserved for future generations and to preserve the history of video games. I’ll link a very relevant and surprisingly even funny video that explains it better than I ever could. Some preservation projects even become museums to teach those about the history of video games. I hope my explanation wasn’t too long or complicated and thank you so much for the great question! I’m always happy to spread the word to anyone willing to listen. Haha



Also I forgot to say, while I consider it to be in danger many would say that’s an overstatement or its not that important. While I can see their points the fact is that the longer we wait the less likely we are to find intact versions of these games to preserve due to data corruption, disc rot and the limited lifespan of things like cartridge based media.


I feel I should also say I’m far from an expert and there are much more qualified and intelligent individuals that cover this topic. Another thing is what I described is just one type of Preservation there are also hardware and video game design documents used for the development of a game that are also being preserved.


I think I got this from @Gnuffi. You might find this interesting… @CreatureFeet

"you can copy the game folder anywhere you want to and launch the game directly without being online or having Steam or third-party software running."


is the thumbnail of the video the game “where’s Carmen SanDiago” ? i played that game when i was 5-6 years old on a old #@! mac back when game was made for mac xD


and now Netflix is coming out with a Series as well. I havent even thought about that game in a very long time but I might check out the show.


Hmm interesting that carmen sandiego is coming up. I may have something in line with that in the next few months. I also played where in the world a lot when i was young and even got my grandmother into playing it. Everytime she used to come stay at our house on holiday she would play it, i think she has fully completed it at least 10 times.


Yes, it’s a unique version of the game named ‘Where in North Dakota is Carmen San Diego?’


It’s great to hear about older generations enjoying the medium!


It was literally the only game i could get her to play other than solitare, it just seemed to strike a chord with her.


I wish my grandmother would play any game, she avoids gaming like the plague Haha. It’s probably because she isn’t video game literate.


Thank you very much for the recommendation.