Dog Duty is free for an entire week on Steam!

Dog Duty is free for an entire week! From November 4th 10am Pacific until November 11th 10am Pacific, you can dive into the Real Time Tactics action.


@YQMaoski thoughts?


If you don’t want to read the whole thing, it’s a decent game that’s a little difficult to get into. It has a little bit of strategy but it’s mostly a small-team management action combat game. The mechanics are fairly straight forward and there’s not a whole lot you need to learn before getting into the action. It also happens to be a bit buggy at time and I made some suggestions to the developers after playing for a while.

I played with mouse using a few keyboard shortcuts, this felt better than gamepad.

Some frustrating points when the enemy onslaught doesn’t feel right and you end up getting overwhelmed because of enemy reinforcements come in too quickly.

I had a discussion with the developers regarding some of it here:

At the end of the day, one week is more than enough to try out the game. If you actually hunker down and play it, 1-2 days should be enough to beat the whole game, if you persevere past the points where I got stuck…

My opinion of the game went from “terrible game” playing through the tutorial stage to “WTF is this” trying a mission or two after getting to the three sub-areas of the game. Eventually I kept on tackling it with as little judgement and bias as possible and I think by the 1 hour mark, I thought, “hey this game is pretty fun.” A few stumbling points later, I decided to write to the developers and ask for some QoL changes instead. My impressions of the game are pretty good, it just still needs a lot of TLC, clearly still in early access, and it’s been that way for a couple of years now. I hope they manage to polish it up and ship out a low-bug and better QoL version for the full release.


I tried playing it, but mostly felt irritated. The controls felt clunky for some reason (sometimes one of my 3 soldiers got unclicked and I was confused what was happening) and the shooting was messy, due to the stupidity of both mine and the enemy’s AI. Relatively little tactics in it, too, but it doesn’t have to be a weakness for everyone


I tried the game and the lack of the map annoyed me. Also, the new character abilities are not explained when you gain control of them.