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Do you play Destiny 2? Maybe a chrono clan?


I bought Destiny 2 in the humble monthly a week or so ago and i liked it so much that i bought the expansions as well, but i find it difficult to improve and level up my gear alone
So if you play it and would like a partner or would accept me into your group i would really appreciate it

If there are many of you we could maybe even do a clan?


Only @CptMold here likes Destiny 2 and we’re not sure what exactly is wrong with him.

Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.

i don’t play Destiny 2 myself, but i really enjoy the idea of people grouping up here
i hope you get some good strikes and raids going

“we few, we happy few, we Band of brothersChronies” :blush:



I tried so hard to come up with a retort. I couldn’t. That was… brutal.


I don’t wish to support Activision-Blizzard’s business methods, but I’m not suspending my Humble subscription, so I’ll end up with Destiny 2, like it or not.

I do too. I’ve been having a blast with Mini Metro because of the Chrono community, and I’ve made a lot of friends here (most of my Steam friends, actually), so… maaayyybe. :thinking:

I certainly won’t be spending any money in-game, so, if you do get a group together here, I might be the one in all the default gear.


It’s best to be in all default gear and improve your skills to then dominate against someone who plays with money and no skills…


I play Destiny 2

I need to get Warmind on PC, Currently running through the content on PS4


Well it seems there arent enough people to make a clan but if anyone wants a partner just add me on Ufy#2235 is my tag

(i wont be able to play much in the next few weeks (im struggling a bit with school) but after that i would gladly play with you)
@Ravenousld3341 @GanbaRANGER @CptMold


At one point, the Khvostov (the first rifle that you pick up in Destiny 1) was viable in the crucible. You’ll be good in default gear :wink:


Will do. Thanks :smiley: