do android app games count as games?

3 android games


I would think so. But I do not know for sure.

And thanks for the info.


It depends on your definition of “games”.


Does popcorn count as food?

Does this count as a question?

Was your question supposed to be a serious question? Your question is basically the following one: do these games count as games?

Answer: how could games possibly not count as games?


They’re games, the only real question is whether people here care about these games xP


These games are all free right now on the Play Store, I just checked.

Every game I’ve seen SharewareOnSale promoting as free on their site has ended up just being a link to a game that’s actively being given away for free somewhere else online. You have to provide them an email address before you can get the link to someone else’s freebie game offer… :disappointed: I’ve seen SOS advertising the same game that just happened to also be the Epic Games Store monthly freebie. To their credit, SOS does provide most of the daily shareware listed on the website through their own downloader so there’s that. Leeching off unrelated giveaways so they build up their own mailing list is pretty low imo. I’m calling them out on that so if anyone sees a game they like on SOS they already know what’s up. You might even save some time and find there’s an active giveaway just by looking for Google results mentioning it.