I know it probably wouldn’t make for a great daily deal, but maybe in shop certain DLCs could be available either standalone, with the game or even just concurrent with the daily deal. Even soundtracks! I’m a sucker for video game soundtracks so even without the game it’s something I would consider purchasing with coins for sure. Maybe soundtracks for games would be easier to get access to, but I could understand the potential low turn-around rate to make this not viable. Just thought I’d share.


Oh, I would be interested in Soundtracks/ game opening songs being in the shop, since I sometimes search for, and listen to soundtracks that I liked in games (most recently, the menu soundtrack from Party Hard).


Horse Armour for Chrono coins???:thinking:
I’d definitely “buy” that ! :joy_cat:
But yea, tbh i think pretty much anything would go for some users, not just DLC or Soundtracks (which are ofc most definitely excellent options), but any “tat” really,
wallpapers, artwork, manuals, maps, guidebooks, discount vouchers, skins, backgrounds, emoticons, did i mention hats already?


don’t know if someone already mentioned it (i think i glanced it somewhere maybe) :confused:,
but something about “carving out” content (even if maybe something that could be seen as not the best business practice),
but when selling games where they got the “deal” for the complete/deluxe/bonus content version of a game, then “ask to”/(“just do”) carve out some of the additional content, and make it available separately as stand alone purchase for many many coins,
since some might already have the game and just want to be interested in that, (ofc would need a disclaimer too, since you’d need the base game already), or some might just “only” want the game, and others might want the game, then decide they like the bonus content and come back for that and spend coins later after figuring it out

an example could be Dropsy
because the version sold in the store was the Warm Damp Hug Edition :hugging: (super cheap might i add), if done this way they could have put 3 items up during the same deal, Dropsy, Drops WDH Edition, and the Upgrade, either at diff prices, or at prices that “still added up” to an equal cost
granted not all deals have the same variants avail as Dropsy did, and could possibly take some extra Chrono resources to walk developers through that talk and convincing
but it’s an option (maybe) :heart_eyes_cat:


I really like the idea of putting soundtracks up.
Even if it’d be a little tricky, the way steam keys work you can only register a DLC key if you have the base game. Chrono currently does not have a way to check if you own the base game before you buy a key. So we’d end up with a bunch of people buying a DLC key they couldn’t use no matter how many warnings you put on the page about it.

Maybe bandcamp could be worked with and sell soundtracks through in order to avoid the steam key issue. You’re also likely dealing with the artist behind the music rather than the developers of the game in many cases. I don’t know how they tend to divvy up revenue shares and rights or how different it is weather you buy the OST as a steam DLC or bandcamp album.

But it seems worth looking into, at least to me.

other places sell steam DLC keys, or even do giveaways with a dlc key only, and all they do is the usual little disclaimer “need to own base game on steam” blah-di-blah etc,
so if that would be suddenly be an “issue” to abide by or too much of a hurdle for people on Chrono site, then that seems a little weird tbh,
disclaimers are there for a reason, and perfectly valid, if you then follow up with a mistake it’s on “you”, and even then, i don’t doubt the awesome Chrono support could assist when/if it happened