dlc in games

My opinion is complete abuse of the consumer ,remember old times unlocked characters is free and soundtrack today is pay to have a complete game :fearful:


:thinking: aeh? - soundtracks were rarely, if ever available to us before dlc’s became a common thing, specially in smaller countries where niche things rarely got imported because of lack of market size

and dlc criticism can be valid, sure,
but it depends on the game/company and context, since not everything is cut content or companies trying to nickle and dime players with micro dlc


I remember back in the day where I could put in the game CD, open the game files, and all the tracks were just there. Easily named 01Track, 02Track, 03Track, etc. Begging to be copied to my computer and listened to.

Little did my kid brain know that copying those files to my computer was expert level hacking by today’s soundtrack property rights standards.


Sure, many PC games had and in fact still do have soundtracks as easily accessible mp3, ogg or wav files, but that’s not always the case even if we don’t consider console games. Quite often all that juicy goodness is neatly packed up in an encoded container that you need a specialized tool to get inside of or, in case of games with dynamic sound, is not present in convenient listenable form because it’s all samples that the game puts together on the fly.

So yeah, for some games you have to be a bit of a hacker to get your music out, while others require musical mixing skills to reconstruct what you hear in game, because that music doesn’t really exist otherwise.

Also, since we’re talking about old games on CDs - a lot of that music was heavily compressed due to space or hardware limitations and if you wanted good quality, a separate OST release was your only way to get it. And that just didn’t happen for many games, since releasing a soundtrack CD was often viewed by the publishers as a completely unnecessary expense.


It’s definitely on a case by case basis for me. I normally don’t bother with DLC because when I finish a game I’m not really in the mood to pay even more money for more content later. I’m satisfied with what I’ve already played and don’t want to bother with something that isn’t necessarily going to enhance my experience any further.

One of the few exceptions are the Burial at Sea DLC for Bioshock Infinite. Those were actually very good and enhanced the story for me quite a bit. I also waited until much later when it was cheaper, however. It’s weird to have like a $40-50 game and then DLC that’s a tenth of the original game’s content but like a third of the price.


I just wanna mention ps disk playing in cd players.

On topic: zombie army 4 is on sale I got supper deluxe for 20 bucks bit session 2 is more the the super deluxe, on sale granted… But if I wanted to play on launch including all session on launch I would be paying over 100 bucks! For one frickin game! I expected to go on sale but dang I wants the new stuff. I understand the market is shifting but you think with digital it would be cheeper to produce. On the same it did go o. Sale so I’m just complaining cuz I’m impatient and don’t have a extraordinary disposable income. Rant over sorry thank you