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why cant use mi cons to by thes game


I don’t know what mi cons is, but I changed the category from “Other Deals” to “Site Feedback.” That seems more appropriate and you will probably get someone who knows to answer you back.


you scared me for a sec i though i was having a stroke



edit/ sorry, I had to, its a classic.


“Why can’t I use my coins to buy these games?”

Assuming that’s what you meant:

  1. What games are you trying to buy?
  2. Do you have sufficient coins?
  3. The answer to your question could be in the FAQ:
  4. I’m sure that, if you provide more info, Chrono will be happy to help you via mail at

Have a nice weekend! :butterfly:


Ah… that must be what he/she meant! Haha…

I thought Mi Cons is some form of a payment option that I had never heard of, even went to look on the internet, didn’t find anything, so I stopped looking… :man_facepalming:

Good job @coralinecastell at translating… haha…


It is my job, you know? Haha!

Jokes aside, I’m more than happy to help. Stay cool, everyone. :blush: