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Division 2, Rocket League, Metro Exodus and more on Epic Games, NOT Steam store


At the risk of a slight derailment, I’ve never used Fanatical but I’ve seen the site recommended several times here. Is that site cool?

…anyway, if it is safe, everyone else that’s late to the RE7 hype train can get it for 40% off there right now.


Yeah, Fanatical is legitimate. They used to be bundlestars I believe which was a bit of a tacky site but nothing shifty, a step above indigala at every turn in my opinion. Recently the site even looks and works pretty well.


Yeah, I noticed the format was pretty clean. It seems to remind me a lot of GMG.

If I can justify buying more games right now, this weekend’s gonna be great.


I buy there all the time…

I am buying this later…


There’s a good thread on Denuvo on steam somewhere. Until I can find it though, these are the reasons I do not purchase Denuvo games:

Planned obsolescence - eventually the anti tamper will shut down. Something will replace it or they go bankrupt.

It leaves files - says so even on their page. Considering Denuvo was formed by a management buyout of SecuROM, this is worrisome.

Effective online requirement - it verifies at startup and approximately every 2 weeks last I heard.

Failing a check may lock you out of your steam library - I don’t remember if this is verified or not, I just remember it was brought up.

Unknown performance hits - the one study on this used FFXV IIRC, which has been largely tossed out for benchmarking by the tech review community. Additionally they used a Intel i7-7820HK, which even shaved down is not representative of low end hardware. IPC matters due to how games run.

Lastly, I don’t agree with how the companies implement it. I would be fine if they eventually removed it, but many developers or publishers keep it in even after the game has been cracked.


k but i just proved that this isn’t true, not for all games at least, cuz i started it [see above] without even being online, and the last time i launched that game was the same day it came out, 7 months ago, and i uninstalled it then and reinstalled it now, so normally it should also have checked again before launching it this time

with all due respect, that seems like it can at best be a ridiculous rumor


Hold on… Why the **** does a FREE game have denuvo? Thats literally pointless! Not to discredit you, but can you check to see if it actually includes Denuvo? If so, I think it’s there for name sake only, this there’s likely a setting on the backend for the number of checks per time and they set the time to something absurdly long.

As for the lock out. Like I said, not sure on that one.


Of course I did check, I checked all games with Denuvo precisely to find which one i could easily check this with

apparently its because of legal agreements:


Okay. Was thinking within the file structure itself, but that’s fine. If it’s purely legal agreements, the developer may have not fully implemented it or something.

As for the lock out, I found something and I got confused. It says that if you have an issue with payment, Denuvo will lock all your Denuvo enabled games. That sounds less outrageous.


u can’t just assume things like that though; if it’s purely legal agreements, then why wouldn’t they fully implement it and thus risk legal problems??? that wouldn’t make much sense

also, apparently Denuvo is only there to make sure that the DRM-requirements are implemented as intended and does not implement things by itself, so the requirements are game/company-based and not based on the mere fact that a game “has” Denuvo, as i quoted earlier:

however, i can’t vouch for the accuracy of this quote…


I like to think of it like gameguard in terms of functionality. Gameguard is technically an anti-cheat software, so there may be differences. I see it as it prevents modification of files. I would think an anti-cheat would do something similar.
I found gameguard would literally prevent the game from launching when running OBS. By the way, don’t have that game installed anymore.


i uninstalled as soon as i tested it, but just cuz i wont play it anymore, otherwise i’d keep it installed; i don’t care about Denuvo cuz until now i haven’t seen any reason why i should…


I meant the game that has gameguard. Wasn’t impressed by Sega and their game streaming (like twitch) aversion, and the game wasn’t interesting enough to keep playing.


Now that I’m not trying to multitask…
One word: money.
It’s a free game, they aren’t making any money from the game. Implementing Denuvo costs money… Lots of it. If I was the developer bound by legality, I would do the literal bare minimum. In addition, they likely paid lump sum rather than a percentage. The people that make Denuvo aren’t making any more money from it. Thus, since both parties aren’t making any more money from it, why would they want to pay for an authentication server? Thinking about it, if they were able to not have it need to authenticate, why would they need to include it? Theoretically, Why would someone want to pirate a free game?


sry but all of this is mere assumption, the game uses Denuvo; i hadn’t launched it online ever since it came out 7 months ago; i uninstalled it 7 months ago and redownloaded and reinstalled it today just to test whether it would launch while offline or not, and it did; that’s all i know

as additional information: i use Windows 10 and my Windows updates regularly and i also regularly update all my drivers and software [only mentioning this cuz i also read somewhere that supposedly it was ppl with Windows 7 only who didn’t have all the “problems” with Denuvo cuz they wouldn’t have to do all the updates or whatever, and so it wouldn’t affect the Denuvo shit], so apparently all that also didn’t prevent the game from launching 7 months later while completely offline

till i get proof of the contrary, to me it seems like a lot of the “scary” stuff about Denuvo is also mostly assumption

i’m a neutral party here, as i said from the start, my goal is to be more informed

I’ll also mention that i did have a lot of issues playing Hitman a few months ago, since every time the internet shut off (which, again, happens many times ever day, though often just mini-cuts), i had to wait till it came back to be able to continue to play; that was indeed kind of frustrating, though i was mostly frustrated with the fact that the internet would shut off every so often (as i am in general, also getting cuts when i try to play rocket league and shit), and a lot less with the fact that the game requires you to be continuously online, as it is my intention in general to be continuously online anyways and i feel that my internet should be stable in general; after all, that’s also what i’m paying (way too much) for…


Found the threads.

Second one mentions the reactivation is set by the developer.

Edit: recommend not reading into the comments. The relevant info is written by the OP.

Edit 2: just looked at the publisher for that Captain spirit game. It’s squeenix… They basically believe that Denuvo is a gift from the gods. And before that statement games off, Squeenix actually publicly praised Denuvo.


Denuvo is anti tamper software. It has nothing (directly) to do with payments or the companies involved with the game. It looks at the files and ensures that there have been no modifications. With that in mind the claim it locks you out of all your Denuvo protected games sounds more like the salty protests of an 11 year old without a credit card.

And as far as those topics go, which points that are raised do you feel are the most egregious in their protective implementation?


Well, I read the OP from both links; and the only difference after all this is that now i can effectively say that i’m pretty well-informed about Denuvo and that i still don’t care about it, just like the person in the second link concludes:

I am staunchly lasiez-faire about the whole thing; DAT can come or go, it does not affect me and I do not care.

and that comes from someone who was rly affected by it while trying to play Hitman, but I blame the internet here for that; i’m fine with games requiring a constant internet connection (something which Denuvo by itself does NOT require at all) as i spend a lot of my game-time in multiplayer games regardless and want to be online 24/7 regardless…

[if i wanna be left alone i just set my state to ‘offline’ or answer later, whenever it suits me]


Planned obsolescence
Lack of communication whether it has it
In conjunction with communication, leaving files behind when uninstalled.

What is not mentioned that I don’t like is that some companies actively refuse to remove it even after Denuvo themselves say the protection has passed its useful life. And these are games that still are actively updated.

While I’m am dubious that the intended effect of anti-tamper software is successful, I understand it’s the developer/publisher choice. But it’s also my choice to not support their choice.


I don’t understand all the hate for the epicgames launcher. Why they did to you lol.

If I can choose the store, I will always buy on Gog (Humble Bundle is a great store too)
I can install a game at any time in the future and It wont be taken away from me for some arbitrary reason like being banned or whatever.

I have a lot of games on Steam but is almost exclusively for the bundles.
It would be great that the bundles of Fanatical, Humble Bundle, etc. would give keys for Gog in the future. But on the other hand, I don’t like the idea of GOG keys floating around by the thousands like Steam keys in the gray market :worried: