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Divide By Sheep (Free on Steam!)


Divide By Sheep (Steam store link)

Free for limited time, on some people’s wishlists. :smiley:


Hey, the OneBox works, but you click on it and it should show it for free. :smiley:

[Free] Divided by Sheep
[Free] Divided by Sheep

Also. Add now and keep it forever.
Click on the steam pic and add it now to your accounts


Thanks for sharing.


@PeteMcc @delenn13 need a merger


Good game if you like math.



Today is great day.
There are actually 3 available free games:
Steam - Divide by sheep
Steam - Fearless fantasy
Humble bundle - Age of Wonders 3 I desired for so long :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


this game send me a Pathologic 2 discount what the


Sadly crashes on Linux using Steam Play. Rip. ):


I picked this up when it was in the coin shop and actually played it, I really liked it, some of the levels are challenging but I never felt like it was the game’s fault, instead it was me not being able to see the solution, I knew it was right in front of me I just needed to try something else and always got it before I got frustrated. It regularly introduces more mechanics so you are never doing the same thing for too long and chopping sheep in half and taping them back together was always gross/fun


just in case people didn’t notice, the current free version of Divide by Sheep and Fearless Fantasy(the other game currently free from TinyBuild) won’t give you trading cards, in case you were hoping/looking for it, or just curious why non had dropped yet


is this the new Steam thing of not giving cards for free games?


not sure what was goin on with Kathy Rain, but they hadn’t disabled cards for that,
but Steam/TinyBuild has for this giveaway, -it’s also labeled with the notification “?” on the store page


Steam doesn’t want 500k faux accounts just to collect cards I guess. Can’t fault them for that. After all, the uprising of the PC gaming oligopoly is finally cutting into their profits enough for them to care about that extra one penny market exchanges.

I did the first part, but haven’t gotten to the second part yet. :blush:


yus so many games
Also didn’t realise the fearless fantasy one so I grabbed it. Thankss


I do believe Steam makes money off market exchanges.


Yes, but not when you have like 2 accounts and get all the cards… especially exchange with 1:1 trade bots for the missing ones and just craft the badge.


Okay, but what does Steam lose by people doing that?

Not necessarily advocating doing it.


EZ and like almost free leveling up of accounts. The only condition you need to do is to activate your second account as far as I remember - 5$ or more, to be able to farm cards? I’ve never done it, so I have no idea… might as well be free to get them and trade them :slight_smile: