Disney Plus Streaming Subscription

Do you have it? Why or why not? For those of you who do have it, do you feel it’s worth the price?


I only want it for The Mandalorian and Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7. So I don’t personally think it’s worth it really for me besides those two. I would definitely pay for it just for those two and that would be about it. Plus I don’t really know what’s on there so maybe I should look into it, but I’m kind of lazy and not the most interested in disney stuff. I don’t currently have it so I’m not sure if it’s worth the price. I’m curious what other’s have to say about it.


I hear both flavors of X-Men are on it. That’s neat-o.

Personally I had no interest in The Mandalorian because Star Wars is trash as of VIII/Rogue One and my hope in the franchise has been dashed, but I’ve been hearing alright stuff about S1E1. I guess we’ll see.


I will consider it when/if they get localized versions of old saturday morning stuff, those can be hard to come by. Other than that I’m not really interested.


For those of you with Verizon FIOS or their unlimited data plan, Disney+ is free for a year as a promotion. get on it!


Of course we can all agree 8 (Last Jedi) was garbage, but from both a commercial and critic-perspective Rogue One was surprisingly good. You are probably thinking Solo? Because Solo was really bad, like Last Jedi bad.

For Rogue One, there was some stupidness (gelatinous cube torture pet, everything Saw Gerrara said or did) but there were some critical scenes that make the entire movie feel “worth”, like the use of a Hammerhead Corvette in the Battle of Scarif to rip the superstructure off one of the Star Destroyers by shoving a disabled Star Destroyer into it, the collecting of the plans by Jyn from the data vault, the walker assault on the rebels on Scarif, the final realization on the beach that it truly was a suicide mission (for the first time in a Star Wars film, all the heroes die to save the galaxy), or – what is now considered one of the best classic scenes of all of Star Wars – Darth Vader furiously slicing through rebel troopers trying to acquire the plans, ultimately linking the first few moments of New Hope with the last few moments of Rogue One.

I’ve criticized both Solo and Last Jedi movies way too much though, so instead it’s nice to compliment the newer directors like JJ Abrams that haven’t ruined anything (yet). Sure, they’re commercial vampires adding “shiny Phasma armor” or other silly things like that just to give more toys to collect for kids, but since we have some self-control here (or at least I do) I don’t really mind. Just waiting on The Rise of Skywalker to finish the trilogy of trilogies (3x3).


Nope, I meant Rogue One. Rogue One was inoffensive for most, but it completely undermines the whole Dark Forces/Jedi Knight timeline by cherrypicking plot points and bestowing them on a completely unremarkable cast.

The only redeeming part of the film was the Vader scene, which I’ll admit was pretty cool. It doesn’t change the fact that the entire film starred a cast I didn’t even remember the names of by the end-- it was just terribly paced and written, and none of its characters’ stories were even slightly well told. There was no mystery to their past or explanation for their motives-- just “who the hell are these guys?” I hate Rogue One with a passion, and it’s full of all the same problems that TLJ had-- it’s a mindless action film that disregards everything before it and cherrypicks content and ideas at random, only so that the VFX department can turn a terrible idea into something visually appealing.

I didn’t see Solo in theaters, and seeing it later, I’m glad I skipped it. It’s more of the same. Misplaced fanservice at best, another SW sequel at worst. My personal opinion leans towards the latter.

The Force Awakens got a lot of flack for being too safe, which isn’t very fair as the fact that it rings so hollow now shows how well it was created as a foundation for what would turn into TLJ. It set up the core plot arc that was thrown out the window, established key character arcs that were completely ditched, and set a fairly grim extension of the universe showing the decay of stability in former Galactic sectors leading to radical successors trying to establish a foothold. None of it matters anyway, since Darth Rian nuked the timeline, and Jedi Fallen Order is the only Star Wars related thing that I’ve even so much as looked at since the Johnson crap hit theaters.

I plan on skipping Episode IX. I’m sure it’ll be better than VIII, but what kind of good conclusion can you get out of such a butchered series? There’s not much to conclude when none of the characters have a working arc at all.


As long as Rose is dealt with; after doing something asinine and stupid in the heat of battle and predictably getting killed for it, it’ll have to do. In fact, I’d be fine with multiple dead main and minor characters. I’ll watch in theater for that alone.


Rose? I think you mean Savetheanimals Sadgurl.

Besides, it’s Disney now. If they’re a main character, they’re plot armored, if their contract is expiring, screw 'em. Rose Tico will return. She just might actually have a character, not that it matters since she has a whole film’s worth of being a one-dimensional plot droid.

IX will try so hard… the damage is done. The ideal way to fix this crap would have been to axe VIII and make a Special Edition. They missed that opportunity, and gave the go-ahead to build the house on sand. It’ll cost them. There is no overarching story to this trilogy. I still don’t know what the hell the First Order even is. Where’s the Resistance? Are they really all that’s left of the great New Republic? Is the New Republic around? Do they exist? Who knows?


I ended up getting that D23 deal a few months ago and pre-paid for 3 years which almost cut the price in half so it was definitely worth it for us. We are huge fans of Marvel and Disney movies so it just made sense to get this. Great surprise yesterday was that they have Willow, no one ever has that movie and it is fantastic. Also looking forward to watching the Mandalorian and the new Jeff Goldblum show. There is so much good older content on there, we were quite happy just scrolling through yesterday and looking at everything they had on there.


NO! I have 2 Android boxes…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


My country doesn’t have it yet, but I’m rather interested in getting it. Well, if I can. And the lineup in my country doesn’t suck, but I guess I’ll wait and see and use a VPN anyway.
And I’m waiting for the inevitable piracy joke, I just know it.


ngl I’m only here for Avengers and A League of Their Own