Dirt 4 Star Deal $1 on Fanatical



That’s a great deal if you don’t have it. Thanks @M00 :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just wondering if there’s any point in picking it up if you already have and are perfectly happy with DR2 ? Is there anything it does better or sufficiently different?


nah, it has option to have arcade-y controls instead of simulation, and it has a bunch of different types of track races, on mud and shit

u could have fun with it for a bit, but it won’t be long before u go back to DR2 imo

from what i remember, the rallying itself was less fun cuz the tracks aren’t crafted as a whole but rather “generated” from preconstructed stuff, but that just means u keep seeing the same preconstructed stuff over and over, and the trucks and especially dirt buggies (for mud track racing) handled like complete garbage, for me at least, not fun at all

and the rallying “career” didn’t feel as “complete” and satisfying cuz everything is cut up in different and unrelated championships rather than a follow-up of seasons in which u can get promoted or demoted or stay on same level

(all of the above is if i remember that right)


Thanks. Even if it is probably worth the money, it isn’t worth the time then.