Digital Trends joins WSJ on the boycott list

Ran across this today while trying to find a case for my new Nokia 6.1. This locks the page from scrolling, effectively gating the readable content.

Congrats Digital Trends, you can join Wall Street Journal on the “F*** You” list. Not only will I actively not visit your site anymore, I will not even recommend going there.

Want to be supported by ads? GET BETTER ADS.

Edit: and why would I ever want to purchase an AD REMOVAL PASS.


Ad removal pass, that’s a weird way to spell subscription. Or are they offering a one time payment to never get any ads? The monetary value of one person visiting the site is so diminutive that if you threw $5 at them you could probably cover a life time of ads served for any one passing reader.


To be honest, I didn’t even check. I was a little more pissed that they locked the page from moving. I suppose if I learned myself some html I could effectively undo it. But that would require learning it for a site I already rarely visit.


Let’s all be honest here, that won’t work. Maybe you might accept it but the other 99% will still block them.


You’re probably right, but this is the bed ad delivery companies made for themselves over about 2 decades. They had every opportunity to learn from their mistakes but refused to do so. Ads only became more and more intrusive and disruptive as time went on so of course we all started blocking them.

While they’ve largely stopped using popups these days they’re still ever so often delivering malware or linking to malicious sites, even from supposedly reputable networks on serious sites. And of course no one likes videos that auto plays and blasts you with sudden often far too loud audio that you never asked for.

Ad blockers are like a fever, a sign there’s an infection going on. Lowering the fever might be a good first step if absolutely necessary but it’s the underlying sickness that needs treatment.


Weird…with my ad blocker active I can browse both digital Trends and the Wall Street Journal site without any prompts to turn it off…


I dont ever visit sites like that, fuck ads


Traditional media is dying and I can’t say I’m sad about it.


I use Pi-Hole, running on my RPI, it filters all adverts from my stub domain so any device that connects to my network will not see ads, no need to install any client-side software.

Because it blocks ads at the DNS request level websites can’t detect that you are not seeing them, so no messages like @Pylinaer sees. Furthermore, no slow loading of websites as the website does battle trying to circumvent the ad-blocker.

There are some limitations, youtube for example doesn’t use a separate DNS for some of it’s ads so the only way the Pi-hole could block them would be to block the entire content, so I run ad-block on that one domain.

It’s also scary how many ad requests you rack-up without even knowing it, here’s a sample from my last few days of browsing, work, general PC use, etc.


I only just learned how to have my Pi automatically capture webcam images and upload them to my website. I think this is next on my list.

**Edit: Installed pi-hole on my Pi. Took 2 tries (error first time) but it’s running. Let’s see if my life improves.


Washington Post joined the list.


And? How’s it going? I always get a shock when I use applications on my phone when I am away from home and get all the ads pop up.

I think the next step is to set up a vpn where all my mobile data gets routed through my pihole too


I’ve always used Adblock Plus, Ghostery, and uBlock Origin; and i block all 3rd-party cookies as well in my browser settings. So i’ve always had pretty strong protection from ads before using it.

Because of that, i don’t notice much of a difference. I was already blocking the ads that Pi-Hole blocks but my script blockers are still doing some work and it only takes one script waiting for a timeout to slow things down. I’m sure it’d be a lot faster if i disabled my add-ons and enabled 3rd-party cookies.

The only app i use on my phone that has ads is Youtube and from what i understand, Pi-Hole can’t filter Youtube ads because they’re served from the same server as the video. So even in the mobile world, i don’t notice a difference.

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