Different Games ?

Hello, I found out about this site from a streamer a little while back. I love this site great deals in all but it seems like a lot of the games that are posted are like platformer games. I was wondering are you guys able to get into like popular games like subnautica for example not sure if you’ve had that on sale before but yeah, was just wondering not sure how you guys work it just wondering.


We’re glad you’re enjoying the site!

We definitely do skew a little more towards platformers than other genres, but it’s not intentional on our part. We try and feature a diverse range of games, but platformers are one of the most common types of indie games, so our sales tend to reflect that. Rest assured though, we’re constantly trying to get awesome new games.

Feel free to check out our site feedback forum and suggest games that you’d like to see!

Do you guys have like a max price point like say for example like Dark souls 3 or any other god worth $60


We don’t, but newer games and AAA titles are much harder to secure deals for. Trust me, we’d love to sell Dark Souls 3! Rest assured that we’re constantly trying to get bigger and better games. :slight_smile: