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Didnt get "new" tag today when logging in + suggestion


Today when i stopped by to collect coins, i randomly clicked on store and i found there are new games, but there was no “new” tag on store link. pls fix?

Its been 3 hours from daily restock and all the keys for one game have already sold out. Maybe you add more titles when adding new games? (3 or more?)


I’m not trying to be provocative but new shop games have gone up every other Friday since day dot. So the new games went up yesterday and as experience would have told you if you checked on a Friday you’d have seen them. And Star Story only sold out in the last few hours…it certainly wasn’t an instant thing and anyone who had the coins and checks Chrono regularly would have had ample opportunity to claim it.

So the second question is - ignoring the shop as it stands, at this present moment in time would you trade 7000 coins for Star Story?


If you join the discord @egoista we usually (at least briefly) post and talk about when the new coin shop games go live. Is there another mode of communication that would be better for you so you know when they go up?

I know they say the time is approximate when they go up, but they have been pretty consistent about it so far.


finally the ‘new’ sign is not staying there a week after the games have been added
nice fix chrono team :+1:


Obviously this was a critically important and pressing issue…