Didn't get my 30 day reward chest?

The day I was supposed to get the 30 day reward chest, it glitched out and started over without giving it to me not really sure why?


“streak” system is now changed, to be more forgiving, which also (unfortunately to some) meant it sorta would reset today, as it counts total clicks now, and not consecutive
(you will be given a 2500coin bonus reward later today, -likely to partially also make up for where these reset instances occurred i’m guessing)


Honestly, I think it would have been nice if they didn’t cheat me out of the 30-day chest. Was supposed to get it today, but instead I’m down to a streak of 4. What’s the point in continuing to log in if they’re just going to reset streaks whenever they feel like it?

that’s not what’s happening…

the entire system is changed -to make it more forgiving, to the benefit of “us” users…
to facilitate this change, the system changed in a manner in how “streaks” are calculated (streaks are actually removed now)
which means some had their “streaks”, sorta, reset/flipped
so they give you 2500 coins, which would have been more than the user that was landing a potential 30day streak “today” might have missed out on
so you didn’t lose anything…
and going onward the system change is only benefiting you/“us” in that it’s more forgiving in allowing your rewards should you “miss” a day or two now… (since now it’s counting total clicks, and not “consecutive” streaking)

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I never said that they shouldn’t change it at all. What I’m saying was that they could’ve done so in a way where they didn’t take the rewards from people who worked for it. It only discourages people from logging on. Went an entire month logging in every single day just for it to be reset. Considering my “streak” went from 29 to 4, it seems pretty random. It definitely could have been avoidable, and people could have kept the streak that they were currently on. There was no reason to reset it to random low values.

you are not understanding what’s happening
nothing was “reset” in that fashion -streaks are gone
since accounting for each individual users current position in the old system → to the new system, would likely have either been ridiculously complicated, or down right broken the site
they just compensate you with a full 30day streak regardless of you would have gotten it today or not, so in the worst case of those starting completely fresh (due to how the new total is calculated) they lost out on nothing
they didn’t reset your streak, streaks are gone
so you get 2500coins (more than the old 30day streak reward)
and from now on you don’t “have” to log in every day in a row to claim your reward, now it counts total combined clicks, before your rewards
so 3-7-14-30 clicks to get your chests now (meaning you are 4 days ahead now) and you can log in and get them at your pleasure, you don’t lose out if you miss a day now…
no one lost anything, only a few, really ultra lucky ones, that were fortunate enough their old combined total would gain them a little extra coins/days today
-but overall all are equaled out; because if you were supposed to get your 30day streak today, you are getting the 2500coin compensation, -just as if you got your chest normally

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