Did I miss the topic about the partnerpopup?

In case you missed it. :ghost:

So it’s a nice idea. I can see the daily deal as well as see the sales of other games by chrono.gg partners. I’m guessing that the partner page will close when the timer is finished.

I was just thinking…Will I have the option to “favorite” a partner in my account somehow? It would be nice to have a fast method for checking their page when there are a large number of partners. Though, I can’t find the list of creator stores anymore at https://creatorstores.chrono.gg/. I only see the 3. I thought I remembered a list of all the partners. If its around and I can’t find it, website navigation needs to be easier for silly people like myself.

PS. stream auto popup & auto play. Please no. How do I turn it off. Please. It’s every time, even when going back/reloading the page after closing it.


There is no way to turn it off on the creator stores right now as far as I know, for the main chrono page you can click on the button just above where the stream is playing to turn off auto play


Hey GD, since you created this thread I’ll do some slight hijacking to say that Moon Hunters is absolutely worth it at this price. :full_moon:

Creative game with heaps of replayability, fantastic pixel art and interesting story. Hunting for the different endings can be really interesting as there are quite a few ways of finishing the game.

Downsides are the lack of customization when it comes to the levels themselves – they are randomly generated and you have no power over those variables, only over your starting zone – which can become annoying further down the road when you’re trying to go for region-specific achievements or secrets; it lags way too much to even dream of playing with more than one friend online – word on the street says couch co-op works well; and the randomness will oftentimes not play in your favor – you’ll run up certain paths only to find they lead nowhere, for instance.

So overall, it’s a faulty gem that I wouldn’t recommend at full price but definitely at 50% off and especially at 75% off.

@PeteMcc, @Ernin8t0r, @RaccoonV, @lonin or whoever: what percentage of each purchase goes towards The Open Hand Foundation? Not the first time I see this being poorly stated in a Chrono donation partnership. Myself and surely others would appreciate having this information disclosed!

Thanks for continuously running donations and giving us the possibility to help great causes.:+1:


I second that hijacking :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yes it is definitely worth it at the price. As you say however it is a mixed bag, some characters are just ass but it is a mostly good game.
Co-op issues aside I would still recommend playing it with someone else, it’s not all that fun by yourself.


I got an email about this… Guess there’s using a link on the store page for these kinds of things though.


Well, I’ll go ahead and recommend Shattered Planet wholeheartedly for 2.25$

It’s all about exploring JUST the right amount and not picking fights against the odds. Has tons of content, different enemies, worlds, weapons, easter egg-ish stuff…
Played it over the years for 14h :slight_smile:
@delenn13 very good timekiller for short bursts :wink:


@anon63424221 I actually did get it, seems interesting indeedy. :sunny:


Thanks for the heads up :heavy_heart_exclamation: but I missed it. Was gone all day!