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Did anyone notice that?


When you go to this website everyday the games is not a the kind you like, but IF YOU MISS ONE DAY ONE DAY it will be the game you wont the most


can’t say that’s happened to me actually


no i have not


nope, i visit (almost) everyday, and quite a few times (despite not buying it) i’ve even added a game to my wishlist i didn’t even know existed before they showed me -also gotten a bunch of my most enjoyed games from deals here
more than not, seems there is often a good game somewhere on chrono, only question is “how much i’m interested in it”, if i want it “naow”, 10 years from now, or if i already own it :thinking:


Hasn’t happened to me yet, BUT, we’ll see how this surprise Shop Drop goes though, herm.


I don’t think I have missed looking at the Chrono daily deals since I started. I may have missed picking up the coins a few times, if I am on my phone and I am not logged into the account to collect. But I guess this is not a generalizable problem. I am too OCD and a happy fan of to miss any daily deals.


Only happened to me once when they were giving out Heroes of Hammerwatch for the coin sale, however I can happily say that I got the 1$ Hammerwatch deal that was going on on April 1st. :smiley: