Did anyone here play Low Magic Age?

Low Magic Age on Steam the game for relevance.
I’m considering buying the game, but I want to know something more about it. In particular, two things - how complicated it is to create a character? As much as in paper DnD or slightly simpler? And how sandboxy is the adventure mode - in particular, how easy it is to find an objective other than just “collect loot”? I really prefer games with a clear point in them and ones that don’t heavily gate enjoyment, and this is a thing that almost no reviewers care about for some reason


There’s a review from our @yoshirules from back when the adventure mode was introduced >

Hope it sheds some light. Cheers!


Thanks! It actually seems like the barrier of entry is low enough, I might just grab it


I would have love an interface like this for DnD days. It does looks very nice. puts a pin