Did anyone else notice?.....

There are now only 2 games left in the coin shop, I don’t know when I checked last but there were quite a few games left and while a few of them were quite near 100%, there were others that weren’t, that is a lot of people purchasing in a short time


well, many games were on sale actually, so that might explain it, maybe a lot of ppl thought it was too good to resist to get a sale on a free game and get it even cheaper than its original free price


Yeah I noticed too a lot of games suddenly sold out within a very short time. Let’s just hope it was people buying during the sale and not someone with many accounts I guess.


i’m pretty sure there are precautions against this


That is quite the shock. So many of the games are gone. I wonder if we will get a lot more games into the coin shop to fill in their spots? :crossed_fingers:

Some games were up for a long time so I’m glad someone out there is getting the game.

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I’m thinking they pulled them for one reason or another. Pretty sure a few of those were on the store longer than “There’s Poop in my Soup”