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Diablo Immortal


Pay me no mind, just tending to my memes.


I think it is appropiate for a videogame focused forum from a page where videogames are sold to have it the same way we talked about how Activision treated Destiny 2 when it went free. In fact, I only hear about videogames here and from friends who directly me told me about specific things.

Lootboxes are also a very popular controversy and I would say it’s very much worth discussing, specially with Belgium stepping out recently, and that’s why we have posts about it. Seems arbitrary to me that a theme is not treated here for being popular, if that happens to be the case.
I guess if you’re very well informed from several places at the same time it becomes repetitive.



In my best Larry Kenney “Lion-O” voice



I’m now at middle at that movie and made a stop to pick something to eat. I was thinking “Hell, this is very very solid” and then realized it was the Coen brothers and all made sense then. The worst thing I ever saw from them was still very good, those guys never fail to please me.


Yeah it’s a solid win from Blizzard if they hadn’t made a big deal at BlizzCon over it (Diablo Immortal) - just remember, it’s not for us. It is targeted at an entirely different demographic, some of which only have mobile phones so they don’t get to game on fancy new powerhouses like @YQMaoski or myself. I’ve pointed this out before, as a gamer there are some things we like and some things we don’t like - just because it is something we will never play doesn’t mean it is bad.

Also, as an investor in NetEase, ChangYou, YY, and many other Chinese game developers, they are really good at satisfying their customers (meanwhile I short ATVI because Blizzard has been overpriced for years). If you noticed, NetEase stock didn’t even blink over the controversy, no one that has any stake in Chinese games cares that Blizzard bungled the marketing of Immortal. Even if ZERO North Americans play Diablo Immortal, it will still probably be a success.

So, for most of you - go ahead and meme away! Downvote trailers into oblivion. Whine on Reddit. I’m not saying it is pointless, but think of it as a Chinese game for Chinese fans that accidentally got announced at an American convention. Unless you are posting your comments/reviews in Mandarin (or Japanese, Korean, etc.) they are probably just filtering out everything. Not even joking. They bungled the announcement from a PR perspective but the gears are still grinding forward.

P.S. can’t wait for Diablo 4.


Well, I’m not sure if accident is the proper word to use, but all in all that’s the main point: I invite a vegetarian to my house, I charge him a ton of money “because we all have to contribute” and I fire off a barbecue.

Think about this

and now tell me Diablo and WoW fans and getting the same treatment. This is mostly an informative post about why people are displeased but If I travel there and they told me that, well, I would be more than annoyed.

Again, Blizzard games are what they are because of a vibrant, passionate and active (to the point of addiction) community. If those “top dogs” disappear, from people making guides to guild leaders and so on, the games just become a subpar videogame experience.

I played a good chunk of WoW and I can assure you that wouldn’t had happened with no friends both in my neighboorhood and in game, and the opposite happened with Diablo. You said yourself skipped two or three seasons, and I did the same.

No matter how targeted to Asia something is, and how much pandas you throw in there, the appeal of Blizzard games requires a proper management of these things, and if they did this to their asian audience it would be a mistake as much as this one.


You completely missed my point. I’m not happy or enthusiastic about Diablo Immortal. And I did not say Blizzard accidentally made the announcement the way they did - I said to imagine it as if they had. Of course they went in to BlizzCon with higher hopes and they thought they were making the right move. I’m not defending them, it was a stupid mistake.

Let me be clear and restate myself for the 3rd or 4th time in this thread: I do not like the idea of mobile Diablo, I do not plan on playing a mobile Diablo, and I think it was a terrible idea to try to market a mobile Diablo to an American fanbase. However, to say:

you clearly haven’t seen the reaction in QQ or WeChat or Chinese forums - it is mostly positive that a AAA studio (Blizzard) is attaching itself to a mobile game to give it some legitimacy. Although, some Chinese fans are miffed they were ignored, saying things like why didn’t Blizzard tell us first instead of ungrateful Americans?

You (and many others) are completely disconnected from the Asian fanbase, so I get why it is universally hated here, I’m just trying to open your eyes to the bigger picture…bigger than you, bigger than North America, bigger than even Asia - the planet has 7700 million humans with 2400 million smartphone users and the US has only 192 million mobile gamers (most of which are the casual, Candy Crush type, or the young Fortnite type). The US market is a drop in the ocean, as developers have realized.


I agree with you Shalandir. I’m a big fan of the game Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard. Before they changed into the HGC format, a lot of top Chinese talent got scooped up for at the time Strike of Kings aka Arena of Valor which is a MOBILE game. After doing some research, these players were making way more money that they could have off of HoTS playing AoV. The mobile market is huge over there and Diablo Immortal will most likely be a success because now it opens the market to a whole new demographic.

I will never play Diablo on a phone because I don’t like the feel of it, however, I wont be a gatekeeper from letting a new generation/group of people to experience the Diablo world. They were working on D4 but didnt like the direction and scrapped it. I rather wait for a COMPLETELY GOOD Diablo 4 than have a bunch of whining people force a subpar product because they didnt like the PR at Blizzcon.

Blizzcon announcement was handled poorly, everyone knows that. The horse is dead. Stop beating it.


Mate, with “If they did this to their asian audience would be a mistake” I mean an equal mistake, trying to sell them, I don’t know, whatever thing it’s popular here and not there. I think you’re the one missing points.

I understood your one point, I’m explaining why it’s harmful for the games of said company and to an extent, the company itself. If yo estimate the value of a loyal fanbase for a decade in a 1:1 ratio to new customers, well, you like high risk investments.


I have no proverbial horse in this race, so to speak. Approximately six months ago, I quit all things Blizzard. In truth whatever happens isn’t really going to effect me in the slightest. To be honest, across all platforms, my backlog of games is so massive that odds are I will die before I play and/or complete them all. This topic mainly has been a minute creative outlet for my chaotic neutral tendencies and to share media that I find entertaining. A few shitposts here, some “creative” writing over there, a couple of hyperlinks, plus some memes that I created or shared from other sources. Which reminds me…

Whew, I am so glad that I was given permission to meme :clap::+1::ok_hand:


I wasn’t referring to the meme posters, it’s more the people who are losing their crap over this. InvenGlobal just did a poll on like 500 7 to 15 year old kids and mobile is a beloved platform for them. Mobas aren’t popular. Fortnite black ops and pubg are king. They do like smash and dbz.

Mobile is a platform. Welcome to the future boys!


I wasn’t referring to you, you sweet beautiful soul. Mind you this comment is gender neutral, totally platonic and in no way trying to marginalize you. I just felt the need to clarify that I wasn’t making any veiled caustic remarks in your direction. If it came off that way, I am truly and deeply sorry.

P.S. The only problem I have with mobile gaming is when some company decides to port over their game from mobile to PC and fails to optimize it for the platform and does absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, i.e. the blatant cash crab.


Communicating in the modern world:


You go to your future, I’ll stay here in the past.


No worries mate, I never thought anyone was personally attacking. It was more like a generalized rant for those who really really are making it bigger than it has to be. I’ve literally accepted that some games will be cash grabs and it always sucks when a beloved title like Diablo has a chance of falling into that category.

However there are still new games that still bring hope to the gaming industry. I saw this on my twitter feed today.


Wow, just checked that and looks neat, thanks for bringing it up.


NP. These tend to be the only games I pay for full price when theyre released. There’s nothing I love more than when games like this come out.


After seeing what other companies have managed to pack into a mobile game recently i too am interested in seeing it