Devil's Deck (Info, Plug, and More)

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce you all to a relatively new roguelike/lite card game that’s not a Slay the Spire clone that’s been in the works for a long time and is now on Steam. (Disclaimer: I have since a few weeks ago been in contact with the team and have had several conversations about this game. I am not receiving compensation in any form for doing this.)

This is some composite information that I pulled from their Chinese version of the press release in addition to my own personal experience playing the game:

Devil’s Deck is an indie game developed by a small Chinese team whose passions were into developing games that involve deck building and card-driven combat for a long time. They have developed several such games, with the first release into China in 2003 《互动武侠》 (Hu Dong Wu Xia), subsequent 《逍遥游》 (Xiao Yao You) in 2007, and 《八仙 Online》 (Ba Xian) in 2008. It was around this time when Devil’s Deck was being slowly created in terms of its rules by the developer at home, working away, despite knowing that the card-game genre had a fairly small audience at the time. After toiling away and having multiple setbacks, we have the game 《恶魔秘境》 Devil’s Deck now available in Early Access on Steam.

There are many similarities from the 2008 game to the new game, most obvious is the way the game is set up in terms of the battles, and it’s no surprise comparing the two that the foundations of the game were being laid bit by bit:

Battlefields for Devil’s Deck (top) compared to Ba Xian Online (bottom):


After 2008, the developer went on to make another card game and experiment with the roguelike genre to combine it with card-driven battles in a game called 《五行师》 (Wu Xing Shi). It was well received at the time, but the game’s limitations made the developer feel that the card game’s potential was not realized, and thus expanded on the ideas to create Devil’s Deck.

So what’s in this game?

It’s a roguelike/lite (lite in that there’s some meta-game progression with a currency that you earn from your runs), so expect to have plenty of different gameplay experiences.

The current Early Access version has three floors, each with 20 days/turns to explore and to explore and to improve yourself and your deck, to prepare for the boss who will arrive for battle. Before that, you will encounter an enemy after every 5 days as well. So there are expectant battles for each floor.

You have a choice of three characters to choose from, each with unique characteristics that will alter the way that you approach the game. Your will take turns moving from one hex to the next in order to improve yourself, with several different types of event/encounters on the hexes that you step into.

Aside from that, the actual battlefield is a strategic board for you to plan out your attack and defense. You can burn a card each turn to increase your maximum mana, while your playing field can support up to six summoned creatures who will attack/block against each other as they are placed across them, but undefended attackers will then hit the player character instead and cause direct damage. So the decisions involved here include which cards to sacrifice, how to use your mana, and how to best place your creatures against those of your opponents.

The current contents are in Early Access indeed, and the length of the dungeon is fairly short. As you can imagine, 20 turns on the map per floor for 3 floors for each run seems quite short. The battles are quite fun and when I played, I felt that the lengths of the fights were appropriate, as in they not draw on longer than they needed to be.

The content is rather rich, however, with the different cards available. Currently available are 240+ cards, with 70+ artifacts/items and 80+ summons/monsters. These in combination with the three very different playable characters make for very unique gameplay each time.

For those of you who are looking to have a serious challenge, you will find it here for sure. They have 20 different difficulty levels to take on that challenge. In the higher difficulties, you would want to seriously consider each move and every step as you make your way through the dungeon.

The appearance of this game is quite good, it has a low-poly feel that was completely intentional, and I think it was done rather well.

The English localization is of course going to be on the minds of a lot of people as you decide to pick this game up or not. If you are not being picky about typos here and there, the rules are actually explained rather clearly and the cards make sense by themselves. It was not difficult for me to understand what’s going on rather quickly and you can check out my first-look gameplay video if you wish:

Anyway, this game has all of my support for an Early Access title.

So why the plug? Well, mentioned above that I am not getting any kind of compensation for this, but I did manage to secure a key for our community. So let me know if you want to try it out! Notice I am just putting this thread under Gaming instead of Other Deals/Giveaways, that’s completely intentional.

Simple rules:

  1. Anyone can enter.
  2. Just say so below, though please only enter if you intend on playing it.
  3. Tentative ending date for this: Saturday, Oct 26, 2019, subject to change without notice.
  4. Please support the developers by adding it to your Wishlist or even consider making a purchase if you do not win.
  5. Winner will be determined by RNG roll and will be notified by private message on the forums, with the usual 24-hour reply required to obtain the game key. If no response, you will forfeit your winning entry and the game will be rolled over to someone else.

Anyway, I hope that the Chrono regulars here will participate and make it so that all of my effort in translating/composing will not have been in vain.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for supporting another indie development team and the fruits of their labor, after toiling through so much sweat and tears.


You got me interested in this game Meowski! I always had a soft spot for card games , some of them even too much ( hence i’ve quit hearthstone because i could clearly saw i was becoming addicted ) so i would like to participate :slight_smile:

Thank you very much and best of luck to the developers !


I would like to enter for the giveaway.
I never really liked card games, but by getting Frost from the coin shop (or maybe daily deal, I can’t remember exactly) and then Slay The Spire, I finally found the enjoyment in that genre.

Thanks for doing this and good luck to all!


I’m not entering, card games ain’t my thang (except Gwent and Triple Triad xD), just wanted to say thanks to @YQMaoski for hosting the giveaway for everyone! :slight_smile:


Looks interesting @YQMaoski but not entering. There is currently only enough room in my life for one card game, and honestly pretty much everything pales in comparison to MTGA!


@YQMaoski is owned by Tencent!




Been a long time since I played Magic. I stopped buying cards at Invasion, I do miss those days, and I stopped playing after Apocalypse and before Odyssey. But I definitely miss those days, used to play every day for years. Always lugged around a couple of decks in my backback when in school and played against friends.

This game does have some hints of MTG in its combat rules, I noted that shortly after I started to play it in my video I believe. So you are welcome to change your mind, just make a new post below if you do.

Am I a brand now? If they want to pay a lot of money to buy my brand, I wouldn’t turn it down, too bad it’s only wishful thinking though…

This one is quite fun and fortunately even as an addictive game, you can put it down quite easily, and the runs in the current state are not too long. If I remember correctly it just saves automatically. And you can continue at will.

I hope this game does well, I certainly like it myself. :smiley:

Hopefully you like this one if you win!

Well, I do have to admit, I played more Triple Triad than most other card games for a span of about a year. Maybe more. :smiley: It was fun getting all of the rules jumbled and making it really dynamic at first, then it got quite impossible so I had to give up that particular save. I also played (not just idled in the background) that accompanying Chocobo game. At the time it was when everyone had little Tomagochi and I came home from school and leveled up and grabbed items with my Chocobo, I loved that it linked into the main game, felt so awesome to just have some extra loot.


So you actually helped translate the game?

I want to say your rich reviews are always welcome, as you have a gift for stating objectively what a game is about without being morose. I oftentimes find informative Steam reviews are either too boring or too biased to fully make use of and enjoy. Yours are always entertaining and useful.

So thanks for your continued effort in that sense.

As for the game itself, I don’t have a specific opinion on card games. I got pretty hooked on Gwent when it came out years ago (word on the street is the game is quite different now and I’m afraid to get back to it as I’m human and thus afraid of disappointment) and don’t really care for more “classic” western card games such as poker – I do like some solitaire tho because I’m an old mahjong granny trapped inside a young body.

However, I’d be willing to give this one a shot because you mentioned the dungeons are currently quite short and the game auto-saves, so I could definitely make time for it!

I find your simple move of removing the work “giveaway” from the thread title ridiculously effective so far… Coraline will remember this. :butterfly:


No, no, no, I didn’t translate the game, I am actually trying to tell the developers they should work on a better translation of the English version. I see a lot of spelling grammar errors though I still find the game fairly easy to understand and to play.

I only translated some information from their Chinese version of the press kit for my little write-up above. Sorry for the confusion. If I had a lot of free time, I would offer to translate a part of this game for them and to fix up grammar/spelling errors, but I feel that it might be too much work for me.

Sounds good. :+1:

Quite intentionally so, I just wanted to keep it within the active Chrono members for this one.


Cool giveaway, but won’t be entering as well :blush:


Not entering as usual. I have way too many games. LOL

But a good giveaway for the reg chronies…Thanks, @YQMaoski :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Agree with @coralinecastell here :+1:t3::+1:t3: I always read your reviews.


I will enter for certain, card games and roguelites is my jam. I’ve spent far too much time in Slay the spire. As long as this doesn’t jump towards the usual Chinese mobile market BS.

Thank you @YQMaoski.


I’m entering as it’s already on my Wishlist, heh heh. Yugioh and Duel Masters gave me the card game :heart:s. ^=^


The great work you put into this… hands down like always! I hope the translation didn’t took too long though :slight_smile:. I’ll enter only 'cuz the one year I spent in hearthstone back in the release was so disappointing and ruined card games in general for me … making them so simplified that I even didn’t spent more than 20 mins in the mobile version of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. I might go casul with my strict work schedule now :slight_smile:

Thank you Maoski even for shedding some light on this project.


@onLooSe, it was not too much work, I can go between the two languages fairly easily.

I am ending this giveaway right here, I know it’s a little ahead of schedule, but I had a few moments just now to do a quick drawing and will be away from home the rest of the day (next 12 hours or so).

I will be sending the PM to the winner shortly. (It was nice doing a drawing off a list that I wanted to see everyone win.)

Have a great day everyone!

PM Sent.

For everyone else, you can try your luck, with significantly less chances though, at the SteamGifts giveaway here (ending in a little over an hour):