Desert Bus for Hope

Back in 1995 Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors did not get released.
In 2005 one of surviving press copies was leaked on the Internet and people got a chance to experience mind-numbing boredom of Desert Bus for themselves.
Then in 2007 folks from LoadingReadyRun decided to run a charity marathon, where they play world’s most boring game for as long as viewers donate. They expected to do it over a weekend and maybe raise up to $5000. They finished the marathon after 4 days 12 hours with $22 805 in the bank.
They’ve been doing it every year since then, raising over 6 million dollars for Child’s Play.

(A documentary filmed in 2016, warning there are going to be feels)

And in 15 hours Desert Bus for Hope 2020 will begin its journey.

So come on down to Desert Bus! There are going to be auctions, call-ins from interesting people, giveaways, challenges from the chat, in-jokes (both old and newly created during the run), outdated memes… ehm, actually I’m not entirely sure, how it’s going to work this year, since I guess they are being responsible and doing it online rather than getting a bunch of people in one location. (because of, you know, the pandemic)

If you want to check out what it looked like before there’s a whole youtube channel for that! Here are some of my favourites:

PS Chat gets quite fast and posts a lot of gifs and pics so if you want to stay on top of that, I’d recommend using one of those scripts: - just for loading images in chat - various bells and whistles, quite useful if you want to dedicate an extra screen to chat’s madness.

PPS I’m in no way affiliated with LRR, Child’s Play or anyone, really. Just wanted to share with you this awesome thing, that’s about to relentlessly consume the next week of my life. Hopefully I’m not violating some rule that I managed to completely ignore all this time.


I’ve already heard and read about this yet I never had enough curiosity to check it out. I’ll make sure to watch the next stream and hopefully 2020 won’t ruin this project like it did to many things this year.


What do you call a bus driving backwards underwater?
A sub.
(sorry, I just made that up) :nerd_face:


Well, it’s been a year and now the Desert Bus 2021 is upon us!

Last year, despite the tough times, the event managed to raise almost a million bucks! Or a bit over a million if we include the donations that arrived after the run has ended. Which is, quite frankly, wild.
We had a kindness war, a series of news reports descending into existential madness, some people auspiciously turned into fish with human heads (Praise Belopa!) among other silliness.

So come on down to Twitch and join the fun! The run starts in about an hour, but loads of people already mingle in the chat.

PS If you’re interested in donating or participating in giveaways and auctions, make sure you have a donor account properly registered at (guide on how to register DB Profile - Album on Imgur). This year the crew finally got fed up with chasing non-registered winners and you will only be ably to win stuff if you’re registered.