Depressurizer- Game Management Tool-Anyone Used It?????

Anyone used this? It looks like something a lot of us might find handy.

Edit: I will be doing this sometime this week. Is there a way to back up your library before you use this??? Anyone know?

More info: It seems it has been abandoned

This is the third time I have read something about this and I searched the forum and found no topics on it…so…
Here it is:

I have not tried it yet because i want to take my time setting it because I own almost 2,000 games. I have got a lot going on this weekend so…maybe next week. If you try it, let us know how it goes. How your mileage is with it…What do you like/hate etc…

Now to find something for my crazy Wishlist.:exploding_head:


Ooof, I have a kinda big library, but already set up some categories like “got to play” and “done” as well as “X Franchise” if I own a whole series of games. Checked the link out, but sorting by completion time or release date (or even genre) doesn’t seem useful at all to me :confused:

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Used to have a nice system of categories in my steam library, but that got randomly deleted today. All my categories just vanished for no discernible reason. Even tried to recover lost files to find the old setting files that supposed to hold that info, but steam had decidedly written a logfile in it’s space. Fair bit of work done over the course of years lost.

So what’s this thing then?
Looks like it was never finished and is no longer being developed or maintained.


Oh man that sucks. I am so sorry.

I am adding more info to the OP…

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I had my categories disappear before but I guess said files were uploaded to the cloud and came back with a reinstall of steam.

@delenn13 Let me know if this thing is good or not if you try it, my library ain’t quite as big as yours but it’s still unmanageable.


I will. I really want to try it. Is there a way to backup your library…?

I was really hoping someone had used it before.

I use it and I like it
All is working fine for me
only be sure if you save it you have to close steam first


And this is why that “Little Dino Rules”.:joy:


Having a large library is just the reason to use depressurizer , put it on some time ago as I follow Gaming Taylor on YT, it just makes sense and categorises well, I also play around with Launchbox.

Where did you see that?

On it’s steam community forum.

There appears to be 2 main forks at the moment and while the 2nd one is claimed to be maintained on the community page, the latest github commit was november 2017 and it seems to have a major bug to it making it less than useful.


The fork linked to in delenn13’s opening post still looks active, with it’s last release in July?


I will be using MVegter’s Version. The one you posted>
"MVegter here,

Few changes are more scraping (truesteamachievements), fixed a few bugs and filters are properly working. Also supports the latest changes to the Steam store pages.

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Well, I did it. Looks awesome plus I even backed it up. :+1:t2: So if anything happens on Steam, I won’t lose all the categories.

I did the reg install just checked all the auto cats… no adding anything. I basically followed the "read me file. I wanted to see what it did. There are a lot of dups in the “Flags” and “tags” cats. I am going to just play with it for a while and redo it…maybe get rid of the flags or some of them…

ALL in all …I like it.:smile:

Edit: Added pic: