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Delenn's Casual Game Giveaway! CLOSED!!! Winners Notified!!! Check Your PMs!



A “ME DAY” for me? Not reading 20 threads of @LordAo. But I did…cause…

A real “Me Day” is taking a packed lunch and a blanket and my tablet and Mr. Delenn would take his fishing pole and we go cruising on the Niagara River and find a place to stop before we get to Niagara Falls. Or take a lunch on a spring day and and walk into Rock Point Park when it’s closed and have our lunch by Lake Erie and see all the baby deers etc. Or just curl up with a good book or binge on some sci fi movies.


thanks for explaining to me :smile:


You’re welcome :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Right now a me day for me means to get caught up on my hour programs PVR…

  1. Hexus

  2. a silver tale.


These games are my go to games while enjoying audiobooks. I’m a hermit and severely introverted so going out (even if I were physically able) holds no interest for me.

Me Time for me is gaming with an audiobook or music, other than when I am reading a physical book or sewing.

Thanks for the chance to win Deleen.

I’d like to enter for these games please:

1: Dreamscapes: The Sandman

2: Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

3: Hexus

Good luck to everyone and please if anyone sees Spring anywhere send it this way. I’m sick of winter.

Happy Gaming.

Ila in Maine


I must say i had too many ‘me’ days lately and that actually affected my life in quite a negative way. Relationships with people withered away and important duties were put on hold … so i guess what i need now is less ‘me’ time and more ‘we’ time :smiley:


Hope things are better soon.

I was going to tell you to take it slow but then…I remembered you are a sloth…Nevermind :heavy_heart_exclamation:


And then there was one… giveaway. :rofl:
(Wanted to give this a bump :smile:)


Not entering, but thanks for the giveaway @delenn13! :grin: Always appreciated!


Less than one day left!!!

  1. 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

I think it’s time to enter a giveaway! I love these types of games :smiley:

Me time. Me time?! ME TIME?!?!?! Oh yeah, those days :stuck_out_tongue:

I am dedicated to spending a lot of my recent free time with my son; enjoy every minute, every second, of it. I do thoroughly enjoy reading, anywhere, but love reading when camping and hiking around mountains and hills with a body of water nearby. I love experimenting with plants of all; propagating, cloning, caring, training/designing, beneficial plant medium fungus and bacteria, etc. Ah, the good and relaxing times :slight_smile:



Less than 3 hours now…:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


1 hour left! Now is the time to enter if you haven’t yet!


I won Dreamscapes: Nightmare’s Heir thank you @delenn13 !
I thought I’d mention some games that could help you relax if you are looking for a super mellow game to play during a ‘Me Day’ :smile:
I’ve numbered them in the order that I like them but a higher number isn’t necessarily a better game.

  1. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
  2. Animal Crossing (GameCube version)
  3. My Time At Portia
  4. Abzu
  5. Proteus

Oh and ‘Obduction’ trust me it’s not nearly as stressful as it sounds :rofl:


Less than an hour…Must be some kind of record for me…LOL


Got only 2 more to check in and it’s a done deal!


All games have been activated. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us.

'Til the next time :heavy_heart_exclamation: