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Deiland Free @ Steam Until March 24, 2020


@Fraggles, @AcornAvenger, @Evranu, @Truly, @delenn13, @Jason2135, @Piraten88, @dogetail, fellow Chronies on my FL who have it on your WLs. :smiley:


Thanks, all engrossed in Portia at the moment so I’ll just be adding this one to the pile.


You are welcome. :smiley: Enjoy Portia!


Fantastic! I have wanted to try the game out! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the share :grinning:


Thanks for letting us know! :sunflower:


Was not expecting that. It’s very much appreciated!


Got it! Thank you @YQMaoski :grin:


Yos thanks


Thank you for letting us know!


Sweet! Backlog again. Just started Portia thanks to GeForce now. @Fraggles Would be cool if we could puppy pile there too, ha ha.