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Deception Bundle at Fanatical


What a strange collection of games.

$2.99 for these:

Maybe they will interest you. I am undecided at this time.


I’d probably buy it to try The Long Reach since i saw a few youtubers i watch play it, Unfortunately I think i spent enough this week buying a couple games on Humbles winter sale yesterday.


From experience that means you’ll be buying the bundle in T-minus 2 hours. :smiley:


I have Book of Demons, Darksiders III, and work…probably not buying any new games this month


Need to wait until I have a break from work first. :slight_smile: But yeah, I probably will be buying this after work hours today.

If only I had your resolve. But unfortunately I usually don’t. I don’t have Darksiders III though.

I have been good this sale, been really good not buying anything at all… Though looks like I might still get something before it ends… We will see.


i think i’ll pass and just hang out at the “arcade” and play some of the…omg :dizzy_face:many games that’s already around “here” :wink:



I’m trying to be good. I promised myself no buying games until Monster Boy and ToeJam and Earl for Steam comes out. I give myself until the end of the day before buckling under this pressure and buying the bundle.


My problem lately is that i find buying games more fun than playing them. I might have to seek professional help.


We can start a support group LOL. I’ve been trying this “Will I install the game RIGHT now and play it”. Usually the answer is no… then i dont immediately buy it. 20 min later I DESERVE THIS and then buy them. I think i have an entitlement issue if anything…


What problem? There’s no problem? (I have the same “not” problem.) :slight_smile:


see my problem is i often do install it, but then it just sits there :blush:
81 games games currently installed on just steam alone :flushed: bunch of those installed at time of purchase to encourage playing asap -even if often at the time of browsing/purchase i don’t actually have the time/opportunity to play “right then and there”.
And when time do appear, i then play something else :rofl:


The true art of collecting! Although I do only buy games that I would play. Is group therapy cheaper then I’m in!


I’m hearing rumors that group therapy may have microtransactions we best avoid it.


I need to join too…:grimacing:


Sigh :wink: