Deceit- Free 2 Play multiplayer horror game

Hey everyone,
I recently joined the community and I wanted to share with you a great game I found on Steam. Its called Deceit and its a free to play Multiplayer Horror game. Its a well optimized game that looks alike Dead by Deadlight and Friday 13th. So there are 2 teams, Innocent and Terrors where Innocents trying to escape the map and Terrors trying to kill them. Its dope! U may check out the gameplay as a Terror here and comment your thoughts :slight_smile: and here it is on Steam


Ah interesting, reminds me little bit of ‘Hidden’ a mod for Counter-Strike: Source called The Hidden, only that it was 1 vs 5 but that the hidden had some perks.

Will definitely check this out when I find time outside League of Legends. :nerd_face:

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I havent played the Hidden CS:Source Mod but if that helps Its like the CS:GO ‘‘mod’’ Terror in Terrortists Town (TTT)

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Looks pretty interesting…

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I remember my latin teacher, she used to salute the whole class with “salve iuventus”, which translates exactly in…

At the time she was also teaching ancient greek. Today, when I hear someone pronounce “beeta”, the first thing that come to my mind is my old teacher’s face in pain.

Back on topic, the game seems pretty good for being free, just not my type of game.


OK, u were actually right! Changed it in order to avoid getting humiliated again…


It’s one of those small things that just gets me so annoyed. It happens so often online that I generally don’t bother any more but I guess you drew the short straw. So many gamer men default to thinking they are the only ones around and a gril is some mythic creature. (Not all, probably not even most but like I said, small thing, so very peeved)

I’m a little surprised at the number of ladies in this forum and those are only the ones I know of, there are more users that I don’t know the gender of and probably a bunch of lurkers too. But it’s a great thing and I hope that if there are any lurker ladies out there who are holding back because of reasons, that they see the inclusive nature of the community and feel comfortable becoming one of us.


I agree with you and Im sorry for making you feel that way. We shouldnt take it granted every member as a male member and thats our mistake.


What a beautiful discussion.

As a woman, I thank you, @nebula7 for pointing the issue out and I commend you, @Zon for admitting to your mistake. To often we just accept things like that as they are, and even more often do men just not admit to it being a problem. So cheers to you both. :blush:


This seems really interesting… Might want to try it. (with all the friends I don’t have :sob:)



No friends, you say?


Ditto! :+1:

I can’t count the times I have been on a forum and be the only woman. Once, I was a mod and the other mods(guys) excluded me from everything. They kept reporting me to the owner for things I didn’t do. I finally just left. Wasn’t worth the headaches.

BTW, I feel very welcome and happy here… Thanks to TPTB and the users here.



OMFG that’s awful. They knew exactly what they were doing, bullying you into leaving. That gets me really riled up.

You can be my mod any day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahhh, Thanks.

I think my modding days are over. Not sure if I have the patience for it any more.

My husband and I ran 5 IRC channels for over 10 yrs. with a bot that we made back in '95. We were the “Mom and Dad” of the channels. Some of the kids still keep in touch and we get pics of their kids…etc. and they still call us Mom or Dad.


Please give me more stories of your Mom and Dad days on IRC channels please. I’ll pay you in gold coins with heart emblems on them. :smiley:


We met on the channel and got married in '99. I moved to another country and learned about the 4 seasons…Since I was from Florida. Florida only had rainy, hot and hurricane seasons