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Death Rally Classic is free on Steam. Forever. NOW!



“To commemorate the studio’s 25th birthday, the developers are making their very first game free to keep forever. Great news, if you’re into bloody car combat racers from the grindhouse depths of 1996. It used to cost $4.99 but from today it’s free for everyone.”


Thanks for the post! :+1:

addlicense [botname] 499364 for those using ASF.


Still can’t believe Remedy went from this, to Max Payne. Back then I didn’t have confidence the developers would make a good shooter when their history was this. And now I find out they made slow-motion shooter games that were better than The Matrix series of games!


Wow. This is great. Nice find.


Thank you vey much, @delenn13 :sparkles::zap::sparkles: