Deadpool game being pulled from Steam again

Don’t know if this is of interest to anyone…

I don’t have because it doesn’t have a Linux version…

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Yeah I’m a Linux only player here, high five!

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Yeah I dual boot between Win7 64 and Makulu Flash XFCE 64. So I try to buy games that I can play on both.

i wonder if this is just a pr stunt, or if it’s really gone for good this time
(or only “gone” until the deadpool 2 movie arrives to make them re-acquire the license lol, and smack a full priced 40$ tag, again, on this 5yo title)

It’s not a PR stunt. Stuff like this happens all the time due to licenses expiring.


i get that, but there is a vast difference in “getting retired”, and “temporarily unavailable because license renewal”,
last time for instance, Activision brought it back shortly after the deadpool movie, presumably because of the movie popularity made them consider the license worthwhile again
so if this is just a “temporary thing” until they put it back up again in 2-3 months, with a brand new, full, price tag, (like they did last time)
-then i call it a pr stunt,
(because they sure as sht would know already now if they plan to reacquire the license or not),
and not something special like the stuff with Alan wake for instance, or other games, that are gone for good

so that would be my definition of “pr stunt” in this case, -hoping to cash in on a “sense of urgency”, when/if they are just gonna renew the license “soon” anyway
(deadpool 2 movie in 2018 remember)