Deadlight: Director's Cut Free

Deadlight: Director’s Cut Free This is a download not a Steam key


that will be the 3rd time i own Deadlight lol :smile_cat:, oh well, a backup of a backup doesn’t hurt :joy_cat:

dono how i feel about their Pinata madness week… seems a bit too bonkers to my taste mayhaps… :ghost:


Logged in to post this but i see i’ve been beat. Gon’ pick it up even tho i have the original on Steam and an unactivated DC copy. I assume you’ve got them from Humble Bundles too @Gnuffi.
As for the Pinatas, i might get one for the lolz even tho i told myself i’ll do better with money…we’ll see.


Let me know what you get from the pinatas. Just curious.

It might be cool if the Coin Shop did something similar with all those keys we gave away on April Fool’s Day; pay a certain amount of coins and get one of those keys randomly. I don’t know. What ever happened to those keys, anyway?

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they were the key ingredient in a brand new secret recipe for cookies :ghost:

ps. also worth checking out regarding pinatas Pinata Tracker, page 1 - Forum -

I’ve actually put in legit keys in that hole, because I’m always extremely slow on april fools, but they were from a G2A bundle and expired long ago. :C

Nooo! Don’t G2A, is the only way!

I stuck redeemed keys into the Hole, too. :wink:



dagnabbit… i caved and bought a pinata… :rolling_eyes:
got myself

not something i had wishlisted, but not something i’m completely uninterested in either, and does equivalate a savings of 80%, so it’s fine and i’ll take it
(and be not at all surprised when the game arrives in my next Humble package too lol) :smile_cat:

no more “game gambling” for me tho… compose and control yourself Gnuff!
(he says right before, probably, buying another pinata) :joy_cat:

PS. just realized i pushed the thread to the top responding to “pinata” despite the Deadlight giveaway is over, don’t mean to confuse people into thinking GOG is still giving free Dealight, it only lasted for 48hours, so sowwy for the “refresh”

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