Dead by Daylight on sale in the Humble Store! (3 days 20 hours remaining right now)

Hey there fellow Chronies, I just found out Dead by Daylight as well as all of its DLC is on sale at the Humble Store!
It’s a fantastic asymmetrical multiplayer game, inspired by classic horror/slasher movies where four survivors with unique skills try to escape one killer. The base game already features several playable survivor characters, including Bill Overbeck from Left 4 Dead, and 5 different and entirely unique killers.
The DLCs add one killer and one survivor each, with both completely original characters, like the swamp hag and the gambler, the clown and the country girl or the mad doctor and the Korean ESL girl, and there are also officially licensed movie DLC, like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Saw.

And from personal experience I can say, that the game is a ton of fun, both as a survivor with friends and as a killer against randies from the internet. Oh, and the devs continue to work on the game, improve balancing and release new DLC every half year or so.
Get it and we can play together. :stuck_out_tongue: