DC Fandome - Recaps and Highlights

So yesterday we had DC Fandome a big event with many panels, and in 12nd of September (my birthday!) we’ll have the second part.

Feel free to discuss it here, and if you missed it there’s videos below showing you recaps of what happened on that day.

  • Recaps:

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  • Gameplay:

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I’ve only seen the one for Gotham Knights and The Batman (plus a little of Snyder Cut; looks to just be the IMAX cut which is cool though the implications on how it got here is a little worrisome). I’ve already talked about the former which while I find some elements a bit of a concern, it looks to be a fun enough romp from start to finish with friends or family if you have them to play with.


Yeah, that game looks interesting, and it’ll probably have some things from GTA 5, like changing characters during the game.
I’ll add the gameplay I’ve watched during the live, and it looks promising.


The Batman - Looks really good. I’m digging the tone and Robert Pattinson is growing on me as Batman.

Justice League: The Synder Cut - Really glad we’re getting this. Unpopular opinion, but I really liked Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fact that those movies had a more dark and serious tone in contrast to the MCU movies, stood them apart for me. It was different and more to my liking. The Justice League that release on theaters was awful. Hopefully this one will be much better and in line with the previous two.

Wonder Woman 1984 - The first one didn’t do much for me and judging by this trailer, this one seems to be the same.

The Suicide Squad - Like The Justice League, we should be getting the David Ayer’s Cut of the first one. I believe this one will be much better. Will the Joker appear here too?

Gotham Knights - Looks great. More Arkham Style gameplay. Hopefully the characters are varied enough to keep things fresh longer during the game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - CGI trailers in this day and age do nothing for me. I wish we could’ve had glimpses of gameplay at least, if not for a little walkthrough like we had with Gotham Knights. Anyway, I’m sure the game will look and play great because it’s made by Rocksteady.


From all the trailers the one which got me hyped was obviously The Batman. It was a pleasant surprise, and I can’t wait to watch it next year.

I think there won’t be a Joker in Suicide Squad, since it’s practically James Gunn going nuts without the restraints he has in Marvel Studios.

Strangely, the Suicide Squad game will be the sequel of the Arkham games instead of Gotham Knights:


Regarding the Suicide Squad game being in the same universe as the Arkham games, well, that kind of makes sense since this is produced by Rocksteady.

As for Gotham Knights, one could be forgiven to think that it is was actually the follow up to Arkham Knight due to


how the trailer starts: talking about the explosion (presumably the Wayne Manor) and that Batman is gone. Anyone that finished Arkham Knight, knew this is what happened at the end of that game (although I don’t believe for a second that Batman is gone, nor Arkham Knight assues that).


Regardless, I find it interesting that the teams who did the main course (Rocksteady) and the side dishes (WB Montreal) are working on new titles at the same time. Only time will tell on which will reign as the superior Arkham follow up though.


I’m pretty sure they said Gotham knights is kind of a sequel to Arkham knight, but I might be misremembering/confusing it with the suicide squad game

Loving The Batman trailer, really excited for this one.

This really reminds me I need to finish Arkham knight. I’m about 80% through, but I wanted to get all the riddler trophies before my final fight with scarecrow.

Suicide squad kill the justice league seems super interesting. I love the tone of the trailer, and rocksteady has yet to disappoint.


If you want to get the extended and true ending to Arkham Knight you got to get all Riddler trophies, plus do every side mission to get 100%. If you have the Season of Infamy dlc, you’re not required to complete it though, as that gets you a 120% game completion.


@spinoute Yeah, they want to split both games and make Suicide Squad the legit sequel to the Arkham Games. In one of the released posters of the game, you can see Batman with a target on his head.



I have yet to play that game, which’s sitting in my Epic Games libraby, heh. With my HDD already full, it’ll take a while for me to pick up that game and play.

@smellyworm Yeah. For more that they favor one over another, I think it’s up for the fans to decide which one can be the actual sequel.

@Vindace The devs confirmed many times that the sequel to the Arkham games is the Suicide Squad one.
Like I said, I need to free some space before installing this game.


Makes sense. And I also believe WB Montreal wants to do their own thing and have their own story and not be restrained by the Rocksteady games storyline.


Yep, all of my other quests read 100%. I just burned out on getting the riddler trophies and whatnot, so I hadn’t gone back to it yet.


@spinoute Exactly, which’s why I think Gotham Knights will be an entirely different storyline, like a “What If” of sorts.