DC Fandome 2021

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I’m the biggest BIGGEST DC comics fan. I’m pretty sure I am. I may not be able to financially support them all of the time, but I adore their work to the moon and back. So please excuse me while I rant about it! :slight_smile:


The Superman & Lois show is incredible and that’s saying something, since it’s primary production is down as CW (the HBO funds REALLY make it good). Doom Patrol is 15/10 every single episode; packed to top with comedy, action and incredible character development. Every season of Young Justice has been great, even if it has had its moments of “too quick pacing” (newest episodes are REALLY fast, hopefully its just the first 2).

The movies aren’t all stellar, sure, but when they are good they are good. Birds of Prey, Man of Steel, Aquaman (finally, someone did my boy right!) and Wonder Woman (2nd film meh meh). For the other films, I’ve got high hopes for Shazaam! 2 (first one was meehhh) and Black Adam. I’ve got no interest in The Flash or The Batman, though more so for The Flash. Nothing about it even reminds me of what I love Barry for…will probably get slack for that. The reason I’m not into the Batman movie is because I’ve become disconnected from the DCU’s version of it. I’m not going to invest into it because it doesn’t connect and the actor, like Ben Affleck, will get bored of it.

All in all…very good time to be a DC fan! We were doing multi-verse cross overs and merges before it was cool. Marvel? :wink: