Dark theme for community.chrono.gg

I absolutely love the design of Chrono shop, beautiful and dark. It should be the best design I’ve seen out of all game store sites out there.

But here, in the community, the background color is way too white, my eyes are burning and I feel like I can’t focus on anything. Would be nice if there is a dark theme for it.



Shouldn’t be hard, right?


In all honesty, everything in the internet needs dark theme. The eyes of people who browse at night would appreciate.

Most of the sites I regularly browse I look for dark themes, even if they don’t have it, I look for extensions that make it possible and so.


Technically it isn’t (this comment is based on disregarding whatever framework has been used or setup for the whole site to function).

They just have to map a button (placed somewhere in the site of course) that if pressed would cause a JavaScript (or PHP? I’m pretty sure it’s JavaScript) to run an “IF Condition” or something similar that would basically turn the website background color to a dark color and the text colors to something whitish :slight_smile:


Actually it seems you are right and it wouldn’t be too much work. If you just change CSS to

html {
  color: white;
  background-color: #444;

the page already looks acceptable. Of course it doesn’t by any means look perfect, there are probably many Elements to change (was just a quick check how much work it would be), but I would say, not too much work to change the remaining Elements to fit this color theme.

I also would appreciate a dark theme.


This is something that I’ll look into. If it’s fairly easy to support multiple themes within discourse (this forum software) then this is something I’d be happy to whip up for you guys :slight_smile:


Thank you. and my poor old cataracty tired eyes thank you too.


So nice to know that many people agree with this, thank everyone who commented here.We have a word from frst, so I hope we’ll have one very soon :blush:


Please threaten and force Discourse to offer native support for multiple themes, otherwise I shall be forced to send you a coffee mug as a gift. In fact, I will send many crates full of coffee mugs as multiple PTSD gifts to you.